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Track Warning Systems and Level Crossings Serving Rail Infrastructure Companies Across the World

Supplying the UK since 2002, Schweizer Electronic Ltd provides a range of products including ATWS and LOWS for temporary worksites, permanent TWS (Track Warning Systems) including Signal Controlled Warning Systems (SCWS), and FLEX Level Crossings.

The company is a subsidiary of Schweizer Electronic AG, which has 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing train detection and warning systems. Together we provide full customer support, training and maintenance.

Still owned by the Schweizer family, the Group headquarters in Switzerland continues to develop the next generation of track warning systems. Its goal is to increase safety while also improving access efficiency, user friendliness and worker productivity. Schweizer is currently introducing the next generation of track warning systems including the radio based Minimel Lynx.

Schweizer Electronic’s core competences centre on high-security remote control and radio data transmission systems, along with interactive diagnostic systems for use wherever safety and efficiency are important. Within the company, all operating processes are governed and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and CENELEC EN 50 126.

Schweizer Electronic Ltd holds Link up accreditation for Staff Protection Systems, Level Crossings and Track Worker Protection. We are also a member of the Rail Alliance and the Contractors Plant Association.


Flex Ray - Obstacle Detection System

 provides an Obstacle Detection system, capable of being integrated into a Level Crossing (CB-OD). Using the latest radar technology it ensures permanent detection of moving and stationary objects within the entire area being monitored. The main …

Flex Mobil - Temporary Level Crossing (LX)

Installed widely across Switzerland and also in the UK, Schweizer Electronic manufactures a range of Level Crossings. Using standardised industrial automation components as well as our own logic drivers, the crossings provide high reliability and …

Flex Basic - Level Crossing (LX)

The Flex level crossing system provides a SIL3 PLC based Level Crossing ideal for Automatic Full barrier (ABCL) or Half Barrier (AHB) with Wig Wag applications. The main benefits of the Flex level crossing system include: Upgradable …

Flex Micro - Open Crossing (LX)

 provides a small scale version, entry level version of the Flex system platform. Flex Micro is ideal of Open Crossings with Wig Wags (AOCL). The main benefits of include: Upgradable to Barriers PLC based LX, …

Vamos - Overlay Miniature Stop Light System

 is a fully automatic solution which has been specifically designed to improve the safety on User Worked Crossings, Bridleways and Footpaths. Using the same parent technology as Flex, the Vamos system is suitable for single …

Minimel Lynx - Track Warning System

is Schweizer Electronic’s new Track Warning System. Lighter weight construction lends itself to P-Way maintenance patrols, prep and follow up works, and small worksites, as well as asset inspections. The main benefits of Minimel Lynx include: …

Minimel 95 - Track Warning System

Approved for use by Network Rail since 2002,   provides a SIL3 failsafe, robust and reliable Track Warning System for most rail environments. The main benefits of Minimel 95 include: Modular and scalable, the system can …


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