Minimel 95 - Track Warning System


Approved for use by Network Rail since 2002,   provides a SIL3 failsafe, robust and reliable Track Warning System for most rail environments.

The main benefits of Minimel 95 include:

  • Modular and scalable, the system can operate as a LOWS, SATWS or ATWS
  • Capable of protecting complex track layouts, including S&C and converging/diverging lines
  • Option of Radio or Cable connection between equipment.

How does it work?
can be separated into three sections:

Components that detect the train, either manually using a switch or automatically using a treadle attached to running rail, and send the warning signal to the worksite.

Devices that process the warning signal and count the number of approaching trains, forwarding the warning signal either via cable or radio.

The warning units which alert trackworkers using lights and horns.