Vamos - Overlay Miniature Stop Light System


 is a fully automatic solution which has been specifically designed to improve the safety on User Worked Crossings, Bridleways and Footpaths. Using the same parent technology as Flex, the Vamos system is suitable for single and multiple track crossings.

The main benefits of Vamos include:

  • Most cost effective, SIL 3 certified LX available
  • Extremely low power consumption, making the system suitable for alternative and renewable power supplies.
  • Very low life-time maintenance
  • Maximised reliability and availability
  • Autonomous overlay design, independent from existing signalling system (no interference)
  • Modular concept and plug-and-play functionality for installation
  • Remote condition monitoring via text SMS or email

How does it work?

Track Side Equipment: Train detection using rail induction devices
Type of operation: Permanent operation or on-demand
Road user interface: Signals red/green (Stop/Go)
Audible systems (and voice)
Power consumption: 22 watt (average for permanent operation)
1.8 watt for on-demand
Power supply: 110/240 VAC or 24 DC
Environmental conditions: Compliant to EN 50125-3 railway environment
Temperature range => Bis 60°
Safety standards: EN 50129, EN 50126, EN 50128, CSM