Flex Mobil - Temporary Level Crossing (LX)


Installed widely across Switzerland and also in the UK, Schweizer Electronic manufactures a range of Level Crossings. Using standardised industrial automation components as well as our own logic drivers, the crossings provide high reliability and attractive life cycle costs. Schweizer Electronic’s FLEX family of Level Crossings are based off a common platform of components capable of covering the full UK range of LX applications.

 provides Temporary barrier Level Crossings for major events (carnivals, sporting, environmental) and renewals/road works.

The main benefits of include:

  • A manually operated Flex temp is capable of being operational within 2 hours from arrival on site
  • Modular design and adjustable barrier
  • A safety solution for unsecured open crossings at certain times of the year
  • A Flex platform SIL3 functional Level crossing