Minimel Lynx - Track Warning System


is Schweizer Electronic’s new Track Warning System. Lighter weight construction lends itself to P-Way maintenance patrols, prep and follow up works, and small worksites, as well as asset inspections.

The main benefits of Minimel Lynx include:

  • Capable of operating as a LOWS, SATWS or ATWS without cables.
  • Automatic mode provides safer trackworker protection without lookouts through easy deployment of treadles
  • Only uses one battery with backup from internal super capacitors
  • 2 way radio communication providing feedback to the LOWS lookout that the warning has been activated on the worksite
  • A Radio Repeater improves radio reception and reliability in difficult topology, avoiding fault warnings
  • An automatic vigilance button providing better comfort to the LOWS operator
  • Upgradable to a Radar Train detector

How does it work?
  can be separated into three sections:

Components that detect the train, either manually using a radio switch or automatically using a treadle attached to running rail, and send the warning signal to the worksite.

Devices that process the warning signal and count the number of approaching trains, forwarding the warning signal either via radio.

The warning units which alert trackworkers using lights and horns.