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‘Explorer’ 4 Wheeled Stainless Steel Luggage Trolley

This Stainless Steel Luggage Trolley is the head of Handle-iT’s Explorer Range of baggage trolleys. Constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel and mounted on 4 independent steering castors, the trolley is extremely durable while …

‘HIPOW TUG’ Luggage Trolley Electric Tug/Pusher

Management of luggage trolleys around your facility can be an expensive job, which unfortunately is critical to ensuring a smooth operation. Moving your baggage trolley fleet is not only physically difficult to manage, but moreover …

‘Trafficker’ Aluminium Baggage Trolley

The Aluminium Baggage Trolley is the head of our Trafficker Range of luggage trolleys. Constructed from hardened tubular aluminium, the frame of the trolley is extremely durable yet remains far lighter that its steel counterparts …

1 or 2 channel speed sensor

Sensor with voltage output

Low lifecycle costs for the vehicle operator due to high reliability
Space-saving sensor in a compact design
With lateral or straight cable outlet

1 or 2 channel speed sensor GEL 2471

Sensor for electrically conductive measuring scales

Up to 4 mm air gap
Maintenance- and wear-free operation due to non-contact measurement of rotation
Weight-saving construction due to light-weight target wheels made of e.g. aluminium
Reinforced walls …

1/2 Stressing Kit

The stressor is designed to be used in pairs to adjust the gap between rail ends for rail stressing, rail welding, repairing rail features, and for installing insulated joints. The non-slip type clamps enable the …

2 channel speed sensors

Sensor with HTL-/TTL-output signals

Maintenance and wear-free operation due to contactless measurement of rotational movements
Appropriate for tooth wheels, slotted discs and sprockets

3KVA Generator

3KVA Generator made specifically for the Rail environment.

Available for hire.

3rd Rail Gauge (Folding)

PADS No: URLT/010468

Technical Data

Measures +ve conductor rail vertical position – 0 to 140mm (Lockable from 4ft

Measures conductor rail lateral position – –40mm to 90mm from nominal

Retracts to only 1.6m

Fully non-conductive from GRP & Nylon 6

Factory …

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