Stressing Equipment - Rail Creep Adjuster


The Permaquip Rail Creep Adjuster is for adjusting gaps in jointed track without damaging the rail ends. Hydraulically operated, the unit is able to push or pull lengths of rail and is obstruction less.

We also offer a complete range of stressing equipment, see table below:

Code Description Weight LUL Approved
04-023 1/2 Stressing Set 282.0kg Yes
 04-003 Double Power Pack* 63.5kg
04-009 Rail Creeper Adjuster (Hydraulic) 30.0kg
04-010 Rail End Straightener (Hydraulic) 231.0kg
04-019 Under Roller (E Clip) 0.6kg
04-020 Under Roller (E Clip) 0.6kg
 04-029 Side Roller G44 UIC60 (Fastclip) 1.0kg
 04-030 Side Roller F41 (Fastclip) 1.0kg
04-031 Side Roller F41 (Fastclip)  1.0kg
04-040 Vortok Rollers (Fastclip) 1.0kg
04-044 Vortok Rollers (E Clip)   1.0kg