Cembre PCM-2P Clipping Machine (Fastclip or Eclip)


The Pandrol PCM-2P combines rapid performance with simplicity of use and requires only one operator.

The main features of the machine are:

  • The unit is immediately ready to use requiring no assembly
  • Simultaneous insertion or extraction of two clips by two independent clamps
  • Does not interfere with rail circuits due to the three insulated wheels
  • Self-braking system intervenes automatically when operator releases the handle of the mechanism
Code Description Weight Vibration
20-052 Cembre PCM-2P Clipping Machine (Fastclip) 129kg <2.5M/s2
20-051 Cembre PCM-2P Clipping Machine (E-clip) 111kg <2.5M/s2
11-021 Robel 34.01 Clipping Machine 182kg 1.9M/s2


Code Description Weight
21-003 Petrol 1.0kg per litre


Specification: Cembre PCM-2P (Fastclip)
Output (max): 720 clips/hr
Width: 830mm
Height: 875mm
Length: 1470mm
Weight: 129kg