Clip Applicators & Extractors


Cembre PCMD Clipping Machine (FC and FE clips)

The Pandrol PCMD is an enhanced clipping machine which is simple to use with simultaneous insertion or extraction of both clips by two independent clamps, promoting operator confidence and rapid progress.

The main features of the machine are:

  • Easy to use control panel
  • Braking system meets EN13977 requirements
  • A completely re-engineered petrol-powered pump unit and control system featuring automatic acceleration to increase power output only when required, thereby reducing HAV, noise and fuel consumption.
  • Improved machine ergonomics, access to controls and powerful LED lighting of the working area.
    Code Description Weight Vibration
    11-025 Cembre PCM-2P Clipping Machine (Fastclip) 143kg <4.63M/s2


Code Description Weight
21-003 Petrol 1.0kg per litre

This product can be supplied with an operator.

Specification: Cembre PCM-2P (Fastclip)
Output (max): 720 clips/hr
Width: 1892mm (with 3rd wheel arm in place)
Height: 1223mm (in raised position)
Length: 1750mm
Weight: 143kg