Pandrol MKIV Rail Mounted Applicator (Fastclip Only)


The Pandrol Mk4 is a self-propelled Fastclip installation/extraction machine. The MK4 is controlled by a single pedestrian operator via a handheld control unit. The main advantages of the system are:

  • Will lift concrete and steel sleepers
  • Installs and extracts four clips simultaneously per sleeper at a rate of 900 sleepers per hour dependant upon track conditions
  • Work head frame lifts fully clear of railhead to avoid track obstructions
  • Hydrostatic braking with fail-safe spring applied brakes for emergency stop and parking
  • Power for all operations is petrol engine / hydraulic actuation
  • Low sleeper lift (75mm max)
Code Description Weight Vibration
11-001 Hydraulic Spike Remover* (hand held) 14.0kg 2.5M/s2
11-004 AC-1 Rail Mounted Spike Remover 123.0kg
11-005 Hydraulic Pandrol clip Remover 71.0kg 15.0M/s2
11-019 Pandrol MK4 Applicator/Extractor (Fastclip) 1880.0kg 4.5M/s2

* Requires Hydraulic Power Pack 04-004 to operate

Specification: Pandrol MK4 (Fastclip)
Output (max): 900 sleepers/hr
Power: 25hp / 18.4kw
Width: 2300mm
Height: 1133mm
Length: 1871mm
Weight: 1880kg
Max speed on track: 3/4 mph (4.8/6.5kph).