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Railway construction and maintenance machines

Our motivation stems from our drive to find solutions. For over a century ROBEL has turned client needs into new products. Railway construction and maintenance machines from Central Europe for safe track maintenance worldwide.


Battery powered Rail Drilling Machine

For fast and precise drilling of rail profiles. Emission-free, quiet and clean Noticeably less noise and vibration LED display for engine utilization and power reserves Economical coolant consumption Handy coolant reservoir with pressure pump Manual …

Battery Powered Rail Band Saw

For economical cutting of maximum strength rails. Powerful electric motor Quiet, emission-free and low-vibration operation Spark-free operation Battery technology offers on-demand operational readiness Use independent of climate and topography Easy band replacement

Battery Powered Vertical Tamper

For tamping and compacting the ballast to effectively correct track level errors. Optimum compaction of ballast under the sleeper Quiet, light weighed and clean Minimum hand-arm vibration Replaceable tamping tool Tamping tool made of wear-resistant …

Battery Powered Impact Wrench

Compact and robust machine for tightening and loosening nuts and sleeper bolts. Angle adjustable handle for flexible wrenching Low vibration Reduced transfer of wrenching torque

Cleaning with Dry Ice

Dry ice cleaning. Highly effective and environmentally friendly. Fast and easy removal of persistent contamination Easy, intuitive operation Works without chemical detergents Dry ice evaporates and is residue-free Ergonomic operation of the cleaning unit with …

Used Sleeper Laying Unit

For precise unloading, transporting and laying of all types of single sleepers. Year of production: 2017 Condition: As new 30% Discount Fully automatic single sleeper laying One-man operation Simultaneous lifting or lowering of beam at …

Sleeper Laying Unit

For precise unloading, transporting and laying of all types of single sleepers. Fully automatic single sleeper laying One-man operation Simultaneous lifting or lowering of beam at full speed Precise laying of the sleepers Protecting ballast …

Tamping Machine

Precise tamping for permanent passenger comfort. More track stability and homogeneous sleeper support due to reduced voiding and therefore reduced dynamic effects on the overall system. High tamping power Maximal quality Reliable functions Individual operation …

Rail Transport Device

Rail clamping system for a standard transport trolley to handle rails with a max. length of 18 m to transport. Multipurpose rail clamping system Twist-lock compatible Attachment to the trolley variable Transport of switches possible

Switch Transport Device

Multipurpose switch clamping system for the transport of half switches over two standard flat wagon. Twist-lock compatible Gentle and safe transport of switches Switches freely movable on sliding elements despite being fixated

Rail Tong - Crane equipment

The optional crane equipment makes it possible to manipulate rails with maximum precision. Extends the work possibilities of a tracked vehicle / excavator Can be used in a confined space Low design allows use under …

Small Plant Transport Module

Module for transport and loading of hand-operated machinery and tools. Twist Lock connection Connectable with RORUNNER or ROTRAILER Small lifting crane for loading activities

Mobile Positioning System

For quick exchange of rails, switch and crossing units in confined location Automated deployment and pre-assembled gantries allow shorter maintenance periods Electrically operated gantries allow careful handling of rails and switch parts Electric motors allow …

Drainage Cleaning System

Independent cleaning module for drainage clearance and cleaning tasks. Twist lock connection High-performance pumps for efficient cleaning Independence through self-sufficient energy supply Platform for maintenance purposes

ROTRAILER Level 4 - Trailer

The modular transport wagon can be used with scissors lift, cable drum, drainage cleaning unit and other equipment as required. Flexible design for versatile applications Twist Lock System allows easy module replacement Lower platform in …

ROTRAILER Level 3 - Trailer

For transporting sleepers, building materials, cable drums, escalators, switch cabinets, cleaning appliances and construction machines in the low-floor area. Very short braking distances due to magnetic track brakes and disc brakes Own electrical supply as …

ROTRAILER Level 1 - Trailer

Versatile trailer for material transport on construction sites. Twist Locks allow the implementation of interchangeable top units Device for mounting ramps available Option with grinding device possible

ROTRAILER Light - Light Trailer

A modular, flexible and safe trailer for transporting material of every requirement. Stanchion system and twist lock Stable construction Platform gates which fold down Space-saving due to piling up in hollows or on top of …

RORUNNER Level 3 - Track Vehicle

Track car with versatile combination options for use on all railway systems with mixed operation, especially in urban and peri-urban environment for new construction and maintenance. Vehicle with bogies Low level of motorisation Can also …

RORUNNER Level 2 - Track Vehicle

Powerful car with a variety of applications for maintenance. Single-axle vehicle High level of motorisation Sensitive, controllable hydrostatic drive Continuous operation at creep speed Additional retarder to increase braking power Further possible uses due to …

Track Vehicle

Universal vehicle for modern maintenance with versatile combination options. Single-axle vehicle Low level of motorisation Safe transport of personnel, materials and equipment Compact track car with low weight High performance allows use as a recovery …

Trolley Rail Exchange System

The ROXCHANGE system is a fast, secure and efficient way to exchange long rails. Fast assembling and disassembling Ideal for single tracks or hard-to-reach areas Continuous high speed working process

Rail Loader

Synchronous loading and unloading of rails of up to 120 m length in a very short time. The operator controls all cranes from a safe position. Easy assembly on all regular flat wagons Immediately ready …

Rail Exchange System

Brings rails to the track quickly, safely and in rolling mill quality. Latest loading technology from over 50 years experience in rail loading train design. Safe loading and unloading of long-welded rails Preserves rail quality …


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