Rail Loader


Synchronous loading and unloading of rails of up to 120 m length in a very short time. The operator controls all cranes from a safe position.

  • Easy assembly on all regular flat wagons
  • Immediately ready to use without levelling of cranes
  • High safety thanks to remote control crane operation
  • Integrated slewing stop for open adjacent track
  • Synchronous travelling crabs, even in superelevations and in wet conditions
  • Loading and unloading on both sides in one work process
  • Synchronisation protects rails and sleepers
  • From the individual unit to the complete modular system
Lifting power 900 – 1500 kg
Rail length up to 120 m
Max. superelevation 180 mm
Crane range approx. 2,6 m
Automation options Automatic rail tong