Track Vehicle


Universal vehicle for modern maintenance with versatile combination options.

  • Single-axle vehicle
  • Low level of motorisation
  • Safe transport of personnel, materials and equipment
  • Compact track car with low weight
  • High performance allows use as a recovery vehicle of subway sets
  • Railway coupling gear for operation on connecting tracks
  • Multiple traction capability
  • Easy loading and unloading by lowered cargo area
Drive 2-axle-drive hydrostatically, multiple traction capable, 6-cylinder diesel engine 240kW
Max. tractive effort 90 t in the level at 40 km/h
Max. driving speed 40 km/h
Weight 22 t (in the ready state, depending on equipment)
Payload max. 4,5 at max. axle load of 13,25 t
Gauge 1435 mm
Approval BOStrab + EBO-A
Platform Clearance Gauge GI/U-R007 (GER)
Approval for Germany
Crane data
Crane moment 10,5 mt
Lifting moment 9,8 mt
Crane range 7,6 (1240kg) m
Lifting power 5700kg (1,8 m)