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  • AMiT Transportation

    We become among the most important players in the area of development and manufacture of control systems and electronics for transport, particularly for railway and rolling stock. Our assets are based primarily on own know-how …

    Rail Communications

    GSM-R The digital radio system GSM-R was developed specifically for railways and covers all voice and data services for train communications. Railway applications for data exchange between the driver’s cab and the train’s operating and safety systems; …
  • WSP

    World-class Rail and Transit Solutions

    Drawing on over 130 years of technical excellence, WSP offers a holistic approach to the transport and infrastructure planning, design and management. We bring the latest technologies and a culture of innovation to our work …
  • AD Comms

    Integrated Technology Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Operations

    ADComms, a Panasonic Company, has been a systems integrations business within the rail market for 15 years, deploying major telecommunications and network projects. Key works include the UK-wide implementation of GSM-r and delivery of the …
  • Hasler Rail

    Innovating Electrical and Electronic Safety Components and Solutions for the Railway Industry

    Sécheron Hasler Group is a leading global supplier of electrical and electronic safety components and solutions and traction power systems for the railway industry and also provides solutions for renewable energy, DC grid, and other …
  • Abtus Ltd

    Measurement & Maintenance of Rail-Track and Associated Infrastructure

    Abtus specialises in the measurement & maintenance of rail-track and associated infrastructure. We offer a design & manufacture service to suit your specification or rail type. Abtus' products are helping to maintain the rail infrastructure in …
  • Rowe Hankins Ltd

    Solutions for Rail Electrification, Signaling, Control and Communication Networks

    Rowe Hankins Ltd specialise in innovative on-train and trackside products for the world's railways. Rowe Hankins work closely with rolling stock manufacturers, fleet operators, track owners and infrastructure contractors. For over a quarter of a century, …
  • Screenworks - The Bumpaa™

    Antiviral & antibacterial face masks, face coverings and accessories

    Screenworks are the UK’s leading supplier of antiviral and antibacterial face masks and face coverings. Our Bumpaa™ branded range of antiviral and antibacterial products are treated with the ViralOff® technology which is proven to effectively …


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  • Subway and Underground

    WSP has experience with underground transit systems such as subways and metros, providing services for both civil works and rail systems. Subways, metros, and underground transit systems Subways, metros, and underground transit systems are used in large …
  • Track To Train Communications

    ADComms trackside radio deployment specialisation means it is ideally placed to solve the connectivity challenges in delivering track to train reliable high-speed connectivity up to 700Mpbs; • Fixed network infrastructure to support data backhaul • Trackside, station …
  • Remote I/O Units

    HaslerRail offers broad, deep know-how in on-board control and protection systems for rail vehicles, offering a wide range of devices and solutions. Features / Benefits Long service history Modular architecture User-programmable (IEC 61131 languages) HaslerRail RaPLC-RIO devices …
  • Cyber Security

    Data communications and telecommunications underpin all the technology we require to deliver resilient and reliable transport infrastructure. The solutions that support the journey experience include the operational systems for rail operations including GSMr, ETCS, FTNx, …
  • Mobile Gateways

    Communications gateways are important components of any data acquisition and recording system. HaslerRail has been manufacturing data acquisition and recording systems since 1887. Today, tens of thousands of our systems are in service around the …
  • MVB-to-X Protocol Converters

    HaslerRail has been developing MVB communication technologies for car builders, integrators, and OEMs since TCN technology was introduced. Our MVB-to-X protocol converters enable the network interfaces you need for your communication needs. Features / Benefits Compact …
  • multi band repeater - RUD-5 / RUD19-5

    The digital repeater can accommodate up to five independent bands and different mobile radio providers in a compact outdoor housing. The digital, multi-band repeater is installed in an outdoor housing and can amplify radio coverage for …
  • Fixed Network Infrastructure

    Delivering resilient systems in challenging environments to enable critical national infrastructure connectivity? Our dedicated internal engineering capabilities can design and deploy fixed network infrastructure in rail, underground, and national infrastructure environments: • Optical Network Technologies (multi-vendor support) • …
  • Vehicle Control Units (VCU)

    The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) plays a key role in the management and control of rail vehicles. HaslerRail offers a complete range of on-board devices for a variety of applications. Features / Benefits Long service history …
  • Supporting Network Infrastructure

    Modern communication systems require resilient and reliable infrastructure to enable the connectivity. Our dedicated internal engineering capabilities can design and deploy fixed network infrastructure in rail, underground, and national infrastructure environments: • Deployment planning of existing technical …


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