Voice Dispatching System for Transportation Applications                                    


In today’s world, voice dispatching solutions need to be interoperable with other IP based or non-IP systems, while protecting and integrating the existing communication investments of the organizations and states.

ONUR’s Voice Dispatching System for Transportation Applications (OTC-IP2000) brings in a fully IP based solution, which primarily fills the gap between the legacy and new generation voice dispatching systems. It also integrates other voice and control components of railway systems, such as TETRA, PSTN, GSM-R/EIRENE networks, public address systems, signalization and SCADA systems.

OTC-IP2000 integrates onboard data (speed, location, etc.) flowing through the radio/communication means and signalization systems to the dispatcher working positions, where the operator is enabled to take the necessary precautions, like dispatching emergency calls and announcements accordingly.

OTC-IP2000 subsystems comprise of:

  • Redundant Voice Dispatching Server (VCS Server)
  • Dispatcher Working Position (DWP)
  • Integrated Recording Service
  • Telephony Gateway (TGW-NG200)
  • Radio Over IP Gateway (RIG-200)
  • Time Server (NTP)
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Configuration and Maintenance System (CMS)

Our solution can be customized to meet the requirements of different application scenarios such as:

  • High speed lines
  • Regional lines
  • Underground trains
  • Tram and other similar lines

The system is fully compliant with the standards below:

  • European Rail Traffic Management System (ERMTS)
  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

Key Facts 

Voice Dispatching
The operators can dispatch subscribers through individual calls, group calls and all calls, allowing user to patch static & dynamic talk groups, channels and sites together to form a seamless communication between users. 

Voice Recording
All incoming/outgoing telephone calls, intercom activity as well as radio communications are recorded with highly accurate GPS based time stamps for legal compliance purposes. 

Radio Integration
The system allows integration of both legacy analog radios and new generation intelligent trunked radio systems. 

PSTN and GSM/GSM-R Integration
ONUR telephony integration subsystems allow seamless interoperability with public switched networks (PSTN/GSM) and private telephony networks (PABX systems, GSM-R systems) for a truly unified communication experience. 

Public Address Integration
Our system allows integration of PA systems to the overall voice dispatching solution so that both pre-recorded announcements and live announcements with appropriate zone addressing can be performed over the dispatcher stations. 

Text Messaging
The system supports offline messaging, as well as, sending and receiving standard text messages to an identified radio unit or group of radios. 

Role Management
A comprehensive role-based access control and management system is provided so that a customized and tailored communication resource access among the users is enforced. 

E-mail Gateway
A bi-directional e-mail server functionality is implemented so that both dispatcher workstations and/ or digital radio units with appropriate functionality can exchange emails.  

Key Features 

  • Alarm management
  • Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (PABX) and Multifunctional Telephone Systems (MTS) including commercial cellular telephone access
  • Time distribution and clock system for dispatching systems
  • Train location, speed and status monitoring (with the integration of onboard Radio Unit and/or Signaling System)
  • Train Passenger Information Display (PID) system management (with the integration of onboard radio unit and/or signaling system)