multi band repeater - RUD-5 / RUD19-5


The digital repeater can accommodate up to five independent bands and different mobile radio providers in a compact outdoor housing.

The digital, multi-band repeater is installed in an outdoor housing and can amplify radio coverage for up to five independent frequency bands.

The different repeaters are intended for outdoor coverage extension and for provision of coverage in buildings and tunnels.

Frequency range 66-2680MHz
Signal power up to 60dBm ERP
RF Power classes 25…47dBm
Fiber optical loss up to 14dB WWDM
Power supply 18…64VDC, 50.4-137VDC or 90..264VAC
Size and weight 500x550x300mm, 7.8kg each Band
Enclosure wall-mounted IP67 oder 19”Rack 450mm, 4HE
Cooling passive or fan