Geotechnical Services


Gain Actionable Intelligence and Increase Maintenance Planning Efficiency with Loram HyGround Geotechnical Services

Railways Profit from Actionable Intelligence
Actionable Intelligence is confidence in knowing the condition of your entire track structure to make informed decisions that optimize maintenance programs and investment. Loram HyGround Geotechnical Services diagnose and solve problems that affect the condition and performance of railway tracks by seamlessly combining expertise in track roadbed materials, maintenance techniques and data analytics –resulting in an advanced diagnostic profile of the health of your track today and identifying trends over time for proactive future substructure maintenance program planning.

Loram HyGround Expertise

  • GPR data collection, calibration, processing, modeling, display, interpretation, automation and QA/QC
  • Track drainage analysis and methods of improvement
  • Track and roadbed safety inspection and maintenance operations
  • Analysis techniques for interpretation of track geometry data for maintenance planning and condition assessment
  • Extraction, manipulation, interpretation and application services for spatial data, in particular, LiDAR (light detection and ranging) data, for ground surface mapping and asset location
  • Conventional and innovative methods for track substructure maintenance and remediation
  • Field investigation studies, site reconnaissance, GPR, video surveying, possible cross-trenches and dynamic cone penetration tests to understand the factors that affect track performance
  • Digital data storage, retrieval, manipulation, display and visualization of large and diverse data volumes
  • Railway track roadbed materials including ballast, subballast and subgrade
  • Geotechnical investigations and analyses related to:
    • shallow and deep foundations
    • permanent and temporary retaining structures – soil and rock slopes
    • ground stabilization
    • field supervision/inspection

Proven Technologies and Industry Expertise
Since 2005, HyGround has been a defining voice in the field of analyzing track geotechnics for substructure maintenance through the application of leading-edge technologies including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar), specialized software and partner education.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the most accurate way to provide substructure depth analysis delivering fouling, moisture, and substructure layer mapping as well as identifying deeper defects such as ballast pockets and shoulder heaves. HyGround GPR penetrates to 10 feet below the ground surface and provides a full-width assessment of the substructure condition from shoulder to shoulder and uses GPS to record precise fault locations. This analysis allows railroads to deploy the necessary resources to mitigate train vehicle bounce and avoid track component wear through the reduction of dynamic track loading. Also, Loram HyGround GPR is not susceptible to problems with normal ambient electromagnetic energy and has been extensively used in urban areas.
  • LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanning creates accurate 3-dimensional visual ground surface mapping of contours from digital terrain models (DTM). These models used in conjunction with GPR data collection provide key information for track structure analysis and improvement.
  • HyGround Geotechnical Services software is designed specifically for railroad structural surveys, data analysis and maintenance planning. This software helps to process and interpret the data collected during measurement for better analysis and visualization to interpret and analyze multiple datasets on a single screen.
  • Training programs provide track managers with the necessary skills to evaluate track substructure health, determine root causes of premature failures and apply proven restoration practices to get track back up to speed.