CP Examination & Lifting Road Contactor Panel (630A)


The Examination & Lifting Road Contactor Panel supplies the 630V DC Shore Supply to the examination road overhead conductor rails for the OST Overhead Switchable Trolleys.

The Examination & Lifting Road Contactor Panel consists of a 2 pole 630A 1000V DC Contactor with associated control equipment, earth monitoring equipment, 2 x 400A traction grade fuses, and a 4 pole 1250A 1000V DC Disconnector for maintenance. Local controls are fitted on the front of the Panel.

The Examination & Lifting Contactor Panel provides signals to the Overhead Status Indicators and to the Mimic Panel.

Combined Assemblies & Frames (CA), Circuit Breaker (CB), Switchgear Enclosures (SE), Switch / Disconnector (SD),

LU approved,

Key Features:

  • The 630V DC is then fed directly from the Contactor to the Road Shore Supply for the Overhead Switchable Trolleys (8800290) OR to the Lifting Shed Power Pedestals (8800291).
  • The 630V DC is fed to the 2 pole contactor via:
  • 4 pole Isolating & Bonding Disconnector, which has interlocks for Maintenance and Secure Isolations. These prevent contactor operation and the 630V DC supply when maintenance is being performed.
  • The Contactor provides signals to the Overhead Status Indicators OSI and the Mimic Panel in the DDM Office.
  • When the Disconnector is moved to the Earthed position the outgoing supplies to the Examination or Lifting Sheds are earthed and can be locked, making them safe for maintenance.
On / Off load On Load
System Voltage 360V
Rated Voltage 1000V
Normal Current 630A
Length 1300mm
Depth 600mm
Height 2050mm
Weight 450kg