LVAC Two Panel Modular Switchboard


The system comprises two incoming 400V-440V 100A AC supply circuits. Each consists of an incoming 4 pole 690V 100A Switch-Disconnector followed by a 3 pole 660V 100A contactor and then an isolating 4 pole 690V 100A Switch-Disconnector. The outputs from the isolating Switch-Disconnectors feed a bus and this is sectioned with a 4 pole 690V 100A bus isolating Switch-Disconnector. To customer specification NR/SP/ELP/21026 The bus feeds the four outgoing supply circuits via 4 pole 1000V 63A Switch-Fuses.

Combined Assemblies & Frames (CA),

NR approved,

Key Features:

  • Modular Form 4 design
  • Mechanically and Electrically Interlocked
  • Large number of operations
  • Fully Automatic

Primary Specs

On / Off load On Load
System Voltage 440V
Normal Current 100A
Outgoing feeds 4 Pole (3P+N) – 63A (4 of)
Length 2300mm
Depth 32.50mm
Height 2000mm
Weight 400kg