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Stadler has been building trains for 75 years. For customers who count on reliability, precision and first-class service. Every step of the way, we do our best to make sure that wherever they are in the world, passengers get to their destination safely, quickly and in comfort.

Stadler builds trains which are tailored to meet the needs of customers. Our trains are reliable and safe, with optimum comfort for the passengers’ travels. We are constantly improving the performance and efficiency of our trains using state-of-the-art technologies. Our partners can count on a skilled workforce committed to providing maximum precision and first-class service every day. These Swiss values have shaped and fostered our outstanding reputation. We put reliability, flexibility and innovation into practice – and have done so since 1942.


A passenger carriage has special tasks and requirements to fulfil. We build a wide variety of custom carriages that leave nothing to be desired in terms of interior design, air-conditioning and technology.


We remain the world’s leading manufacturer in the rack-and-pinion rail vehicle industry. Our lightweight vehicles are equipped with a variety of rack systems, drive systems and track gauges so they can handle extreme landscapes and gradients.


Railway companies have been enjoying the advantages of our tailor-made locomotives for over 50 years. We provide the high degree of flexibility that it takes to meet the special requirements – rack-and-pinion and adhesion – of the construction industry, shunting vehicles or combined-use routes. Since taking over a locomotive plant in Valencia, we also offer modular vehicle concepts in the field of locomotives.



KISS200 is the long-distance version of the KISS model series. Building the first double-decker train for SBB, Stadler responded to the need for high capacities in regional transport in 2008, expanding the Altenrhein plant into …


FLIRT200 is the long-distance version of the FLIRT model series. With the launch of the faster version for intercity transport, Stadler has successfully broadened the FLIRT series. The FLIRT200 is a high-speed single-decker Intercity train. By …


The SMILE developed by Stadler, which is based on the successful FLIRT, is an eleven-car high-speed train. The first high-speed train to be built by Stadler was demonstrated at InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin, and clearly showed …

Company News

Battery trials on a Stadler train for Arriva Netherlands prove that they can run emission-free on non-electrified lines

Tests completed on a modified Stadler-built diesel-electric multiple unit demonstrate that trains are able to operate solely with batteries, on lines that are not electrified. This success underscores Stadler’s sustainability credentials and represents huge benefits …


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