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Innovative Rail Crossing Systems

Rosehill rubber rail crossings have been an integral part of the Rail Industry for nearly 20 years.

The Rosehill team is dedicated to meeting rail customers’ needs by providing a service that operates on a global basis. Based in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire we are strategically placed to access major motorway systems to ensure just-in-time on-site delivery, or onward shipment overseas.

The support and service offered by Rosehill Rail is backed up by over 30 years experience in polyurethane and rubber technology. Rosehill has amassed a wealth of experience during their long history in the Rail Industry, working with a range of global Rail infrastructure companies and operators on a wide variety of projects. The knowledge and experience gained has enabled us to provide crossing solutions that are perfectly tailored to any requirement.

Rosehill Rail are part of the Rosehill Polymers group of companies and they entered the rail market almost inadvertently. In 1991 Rosehill Polymers were approached by Reidel Omni an American company who at that time were manufacturing rail road crossing surfaces from rubber and asked Rosehill to research the possibility of using a polyurethane based system to bond their Rubber panels as a quicker and more environmentally friendly method of manufacture. At the time they were bonding the rubber particles by vulcanisation which involved heating the panels to 160 degrees C for up to 17 hours, a massive use of energy combine with poor production output.

After a programme of tests and experiments and trials using an Omni mould, Rosehill initially achieved a cold cure bond in 1.5 hours with enormous savings in both energy and increased production. Omni adopted this method of manufacture until 1995.

In 1999 Omni ceased the manufacture of the railway crossing panels and the moulds were offered for sale. As Rosehill had done the pioneering work on the cold cure process it offered an opportunity to manufacture them in Britain so Rosehill bought 24 moulds and entered the rail market.

Approved by Network Rail and many other rail authorities, Rosehill have been marketing these panels worldwide since 1999 through a network of international distributors.


Tramways & Urban Transit

Rosehill Rail manufacture two systems. The Rodded system is especially suitable for long crossings and those at an acute angle to the road and the Baseplated system for complex crossovers, turnouts and tight bends which …

Pedestrian Crossings

Pedestrian panels are designed to provide safe transit for foot traffic across the tracks and have been supplied to rail networks throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Advantages These full depth rubber panels are durable and …

General Purpose Panels (TAPs)

These crossing panels are designed for occasional use. For example; for access platforms onto, or across the tracks, depots, farm access and occupational crossings. Advantages The panels are quickly and easily installed and can be removed …

Rosehill Lifting Pins

Designed for quick, simple and safe installation. All Rosehill crossing panel systems are quick and simple to install, and individual panels are easy to remove for track bed inspections. Rosehill have designed in-house, a new set of …

Anti-Trespass Panels

Double Flange Standard Panel The new style panel is intended for use in the four foot (gauge), fitting comfortably into the webs of the rails. All the panels in the range are provided complete with plastic …

Rosehill Rubber Edge Beams

The Rosehill rubber edge beam for level crossings has been designed as the genuine alternative to concrete. Also known as kerbs, or cill beams, they are used to support the cess, 6 foot or outer …

Interlocking RRAP System

Ideal for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent access points, this heavy duty modular system has been designed specifically to accommodate irregular sleeper spacing. Each individual panel is manufactured to fit the specific rail, sleeper and fastener type …

Baseplated Crossing System

The Rosehill Baseplated crossing system has unique advantages over other more rigid systems which cannot adapt to bespoke site specific requirements. The solid rubber panels can be cut to fit around fishplates, check rails (single …

Connect Road Crossing System

This innovative product has been designed to provide dimensional stability at any angle in all operating conditions. Designed for heavy traffic. Ideal for very long crossings or those at an acute angle to the road. …


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