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In an industry in which there can be no compromise on system performance or safety, Fenix Rail Systems works to the highest standards and quality, utilising proven technology and design methods to ensure a minimum 25-year life cycle. Our systems are designed, installed and tested by qualified IRSE engineers.

We provide a wide range of expert professional services to the rail and light rail sector. Across multiple railway disciplines, our in-depth understanding of the technicalities of signalling and telecoms has been successfully employed throughout the UK and internationally. This is underpinned by our team’s experience of major project delivery for a wide range of major clients.

Our collaborative approach to projects enables our clients to enjoy the benefit of cost-effective turnkey solutions to any signalling requirements for mainline and depot control.

Fenix Rail Systems add real value to train operating companies and rail system users worldwide, including but not limited to design, installation testing and commissioning of railway sector projects.

Our engineers are IRSE qualified with years of signalling engineering experience.

Whatever your signalling requirements, Fenix has it covered.

Tie-FenLock Depot Control System

Tie-FenLock Description
100 Locally Operated Point System (LOPS) – points are switched over by plunger local to a turnout.
200 Points Setting Panel (PSP) – each point end is operated using an individual switch on the panel.
300 Route Setting Panel (RSP) – similar arrangement to the 200 system. However, it includes axle counter train detection and all points in a route are operated by a single button.
400 Fully interlocked signalling system operated by a single control person, via a visual display unit (VDU).

The current UK installations are:

  • British Steel, Scunthorpe. Tie-FenLock 100 installation with 350 point ends (1989-90)
  • Bombardier Central Rivers Depot, near Derby. Tie-FenLock 300 installation incorporating 29 pointends, point position indicators throughout and axle counters (2001)
  • Siemens Southampton Depot. Tie-FenLock 300 installation incorporating 10 points indicators andapproximately 25 axle counters (2002)
  • ABP Immingham Depot. Tie-FenLock 300 installation incorporating 10 points and 1 Route SettingPanel (2002)
  • Alstom Morden Depot, London. A London Underground application with 32 point ends (2004)
  • Chilterns Wembley Depot. Tie-FenLock 400 installation incorporating 8 point ends (2004)
  • Alstom Golders Green Depot, London. A London Underground application (2006)
  • Chilterns Banbury Depot, Banbury. Tie-FenLock 400 installation with 7 point ends, fully interlockedwith signals and interfaced to the mainline (2016-17)
  • Bombardier Central Rivers extension. Modification to an existing Tie-FenLock 300 installation (2001)to provide an additional stabling road (2018)


Tie-FenLock 400 Depot Control System

The Tie-FenLock 400 DCS is the most advanced system of the Tie-FenLock series, providing a full signalling solution. Fenix Rail Systems recommend the Tie-FenLock 400 DCS for its centralised depot control features, flexibility, low operating costs, …

Tie-FenLock 300 Depot Control System

Fenix recommend the Tie-FenLock 300 DCS for large, complex depots where a single point of control is required and where a full signalling system is too thorough. General Operational Overview The Tie-FenLock 300 system is presented to …

Tie-FenLock 200 Depot Control System

The Tie-FenLock 200 DCS is a basic method for controlling all depot point ends from a single location. Fenix Signalling recommend the Tie-FenLock 200 DCS for large, but simple, depot layouts. General Operational Overview The Tie-FenLock 200 system …

Tie-FenLock 100 Depot Control System

The Tie-Fenlock 100 DCS is the entry level system of the Tie-Fenlock series, providing a simple and compact depot control solution. Fenix Signalling recommend the Tie-FenLock 100 DCS for small, simple depot layouts where a centralised …


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