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  • CAF Signalling

    Rail Traffic Signalling Systems

    At CAF Signalling, the technological subsidiary of CAF Group, we are focused on the design, development, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of Rail Signalling Systems, thus providing integrated signalling solutions for infrastructures and rolling stock, both …
  • Fenix Rail Systems

    Experienced and Trusted Provider of High-Quality Depot Control Systems and Mainline Signalling Services

    In an industry in which there can be no compromise on system performance or safety, Fenix Rail Systems works to the highest standards and quality, utilising proven technology and design methods to ensure a minimum …
  • A-Plant Rail / Sunbelt Rentals

    A-Plant Rail Offer a Complete ‘One Stop Shop’ for Rail Equipment, Offering a Vast Range of Equipment for Hire

    From May 1st 2020, we are rebranding to Sunbelt Rentals. We’re bringing together our family of leading equipment providers under one clear brand to make it better, faster and easier for you to access our …
  • ZÖLLNER Signal System Technologies

    Automatic Warning Systems for Track Worksites

    Since 1946 the family business is a traditional manufacturer of acoustic signalling systems in the ship industry and it was able to become the world-wide market leader. In the locomotive sector ZÖLLNER is renowned for …
  • vosla GmbH (NARVA)

    Signals along the track, Level crossing, Track switches, Warning lights, Platform signaling, Rail Car Lighting

    For more than 75 years precision and quality in halogen bulbs and lighting solutions: Made by NARVA in Germany. The maximum of reliability and long life expectancy are those characteristics of our Railway Signaling assortment …

    Track Fastening Systems, Concrete Ties, Switch Systems and Locomotives

    Vossloh is a leading global rail technology company. Rail infrastructure is the core business of the Group. We offer our customers throughout the world integrated solutions from a single source. We make an important contribution …
  • Schweizer Electronic

    Track Warning Systems and Level Crossings Serving Rail Infrastructure Companies Across the World

    Supplying the UK since 2002, Schweizer Electronic Ltd provides a range of products including ATWS and LOWS for temporary worksites, permanent TWS (Track Warning Systems) including Signal Controlled Warning Systems (SCWS), and FLEX Level Crossings. The …
  • ONUR

    Voice Dispatching & Recording Solution for Rail Systems

    Founded in 1980, “ONUR Yüksek Teknoloji A.Ş. (ONUR)” provides mission-critical systems and solutions for defence and civilian sector, with the vision of “having unique and advanced technology, to be a regional leader with professional engineering in Voice …
  • Cylus

    Comprehensive Rail Cyber Protection

    Cylus was founded to help mainline and urban railway companies avoid safety incidents and service disruptions caused by cyber-attacks. ‍ Cylus offers solutions that are specifically designed to address the unique requirements and needs of the railway …
  • AD Comms

    Integrated Technology Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Operations

    ADComms, a Panasonic Company, has been a systems integrations business within the rail market for 15 years, deploying major telecommunications and network projects. Key works include the UK-wide implementation of GSM-r and delivery of the …


1-10 of 67 results
  • Signalling & Telecoms

    Delivering first class Signalling & Telecom solutions Our S&T division staff are highly experienced and have worked on numerous Signalling projects across the UK undertaking the full range of S&T services. Our S&T staff also have …
  • Signalling and Interlocking

    Aarsleff Rail has extensive experience in working with signalling and interlocking as well as related high-voltage power projects. We have solved tasks throughout the country both in main contracts and as subcontractors. On all projects, …
  • Tie-FenLock 100 Depot Control System

    The Tie-Fenlock 100 DCS is the entry level system of the Tie-Fenlock series, providing a simple and compact depot control solution. Fenix Signalling recommend the Tie-FenLock 100 DCS for small, simple depot layouts where a centralised …
  • Tie-FenLock 200 Depot Control System

    The Tie-FenLock 200 DCS is a basic method for controlling all depot point ends from a single location. Fenix Signalling recommend the Tie-FenLock 200 DCS for large, but simple, depot layouts. General Operational Overview The Tie-FenLock 200 system …
  • Tie-FenLock 400 Depot Control System

    The Tie-FenLock 400 DCS is the most advanced system of the Tie-FenLock series, providing a full signalling solution. Fenix Rail Systems recommend the Tie-FenLock 400 DCS for its centralised depot control features, flexibility, low operating costs, …
  • Tie-FenLock 300 Depot Control System

    Fenix recommend the Tie-FenLock 300 DCS for large, complex depots where a single point of control is required and where a full signalling system is too thorough. General Operational Overview The Tie-FenLock 300 system is presented to …
  • Signalling products

    In order to improve safety, in addition to switch and signalling equipment, Vossloh also offers a wide range of safety products. Supplementing points systems and signalling systems, Vossloh offers manoeuvring systems with a complete range …
  • CylusOne for Signalling

    Ensures optimal security and smooth rail operations Continuous Threat Detection Protects the critical assets through security monitoring of the signaling and control networks, including trackside devices, interlocking, and management workstations. Provides protection from cyber threats such as …
  • Signalling and rail monitoring systems

    Computer aided signalling systems Vossloh develops customized signalling systems for trams and trains, as well as for passenger and special goods transport. This includes computer aided relay interlocking systems, remote actuation and monitoring systems or diversion control …
  • Auriga: Level 1 and level 2 ETCS

    In order to provide an answer to the European Rail Traffic Management System (ETCS), we at CAF Signalling offer our AURIGA integrated solution. AURIGA ensures high-performance ETCS solutions both for Level 1 (AURIGA L1) and for …


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