Signalling & Telecoms


Our S&T division staff are highly experienced and have worked on numerous Signalling projects across the UK undertaking the full range of S&T services. Our S&T staff also have experience working on S&C and Plain Line track renewals and we can provide SMTH supervisors, team leaders, installers and Signalling Engineers.

We can also offer S&T support on Maintenance and fault providing cover. All our S&T staff that we supply will have the relevant industry experience in line with IRSE licensing and will hold relevant Competency and Authority to work card for the related tasks.

Clients can be assured in the knowledge that the staff supplied by ISS Labour Ltd will be vastly experienced, competent and are subject to regular reviews by our Professional Head of Signalling. We are also investing in and developing the next generation of S&T staff and we have an apprentice scheme which will be a key part of our long-term growth.

  • Installation Supervisor
  • Installation Manager
  • S&T CRE’s
  • MOD1 – Tester In Charge
  • MOD1 – Tester In Charge (simple)
  • MOD2 – Signalling Principle Tester
  • MOD3C – Signalling Verification Tester Operational
  • SIG4 – Installation Team Leader
  • MOD5 – New Works Tester
  • SIG2 – Assistant Installer
  • SIG3 – Installer
  • SIG4 – Points Fitter
  • SMTH