Trackside Lighting


We are a leading supplier of trackside lighting to the rail, light rail and construction industries supplying tower lights, link lights and associated power generation. Furthermore we are experts in our field and engage highly experienced lighting teams who have extensive knowledge of designing lighting solutions that provide our client’s with optimum operational efficiency whilst ensuring that there is no potential for accident or harm through poor visibility throughout the whole of the worksite.


Our link lights provide a cost effective, portable solution and as the name suggests are simply connected together to form a continuous chain of light. Up to 500m of track can be fluorescently floodlit from a single 3KW power source and the lighting chain will continue to operate should any individual lamps fail. As the name suggests, link lights are simply connected together to form a continuous chain of lights and the lighting chain will continue to operate should any individual lamps fail.

Our link lights are shock resistant, water and dustproof and can be mast mounted with either a ground spike or a basket stand.

Our mobile lighting towers are road towable flood lit systems which are ideal when quick deployment and maneuverability are required.

We only procure the highest quality lighting and ancillary equipment and this can be supplied on a dry hire basis or as a fully managed service. We have made a investment in maintaining high stock levels ensures we are always able to meet our client’s ongoing requirements through either option.

Our dry hire service offers client’s the flexibility to either collect the equipment themselves or request our delivery and collection service which is carried out by fully trained operatives who ensure all loading and unloading is carried out in a manner which maintains the integrity of the product. We also offer an out of hours delivery service which provides our client’s with the opportunity to maximise rental time.

Our fully managed service is provided by our highly experienced lighting managers who attend client pre-planning meetings and carry out full site walkouts to ensure that a robust and cost effective lighting solution is achieved for all their worksites.

All of our installations are detailed in our comprehensive work package plans which are presented to the client prior to work taking place to ensure we have understood and provided a fully compliant design solution.

The lighting installation and recovery activities are always overseen by our experienced supervisors and carried out by our fully trained lighting operatives who have been guided and mentored to handle the lighting equipment in a manner which mitigates any potential damage during movement and operation. They are also experienced in understanding changes that may occur during a shift which can affect the lighting requirements and in this respect will move or add additional lighting if required.

Operation of the lighting and re- fuelling whilst it is on site is undertaken by our experienced plant fitters who will also carry out on site inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement where necessary. They ensure that plant nappies and spill kits are utilised to ensure full environmental compliance.

Both our dry hire and managed service provision are supported by a 24 hour on call service.