Large Panels for arrival and departure times


Blue background and white text – is the way our LCD display systems already show passengers the train departure times in many Railway stations, large and small, worldwide.

With a clearly arranged layout, our large display panels guide passengers to their trains and inform them reliably about their journey times and more. With the arrangement of our large panels we attach great importance to achieve individual customer preferences. So for example, information can be highlighted in colour, TFT systems can be integrated into the header or other features as required. The display size also can be defined by the customer due to the modular structure.

Our large panels are constructed for outdoor and/or indoor use and are optimally readable – including under direct sunlight – due to the transflective characteristic. A specially developed energy management system contributes to high environmental performance and lower operating costs.

  • Individual design
  • Different colour layouts
  • Combinaiton with TFT-technology
  • Modular platform
  • Energy management

Application: Departure and arrival display, timetable display, information panel, advice and special notices

Location: Waiting rooms, entrance area, interchanges, station halls