Information Systems


For un-manned smaller stations and as an aid to accessibility, our information systems offer the ‘two-sense’ principle – see and hear.

To ensure the highest possible accessibility, our information displays are mounted at heights which make it easier for wheelchair users to read the travel information. In addition to the visual display, the information systems have a text-to-speech module. If needed, this function can be activated by pressing a button which has large text and is brightly coloured.

With these systems the customer can also create individual information systems and can choose between the features which are needed for his application. An example is the activation of a service call with the connection to a control room which can provide an information service for the travelers. The customer also has the choice between different display technologies, such as TFT, bistable ChLCD or transflective LCD. In connection with the ChLCD technology, the system can also be run in a self-sufficient manner using solar energy.

With text-to-speech each piece of textual information can be converted into speech. By pushing the button, an acoustic text file (speech synthesis) will be created and the converted text ‘spoken’ through the integrated speaker. With this speaker and amplifier technique, standard-announcements and live-announcements can also be made.

  • Accessible traveling
  • Text-to-Speech for visual impaired people
  • Individual information medium

Application: Timetable display, information service, departure display, travel information, guidance system

Location:  Stations, interchanges, small stations, station areas, platform areas