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Solutions for Rail Electrification, Signaling, Control and Communication Networks

Rowe Hankins Ltd specialise in innovative on-train and trackside products for the world’s railways. Rowe Hankins work closely with rolling stock manufacturers, fleet operators, track owners and infrastructure contractors.

For over a quarter of a century, Rowe Hankins have been designing and manufacturing Speed Sensors, Non-Intrusive Current Monitoring devices, Intelligent Wheel Flange Lubrication systems and AC and DC Earth Leakage Detection Units. With a global reputation for quality, reliability and innovation, Rowe Hankins’ experienced engineers have a long and successful track record giving the highest possible level of service to rail projects worldwide.

In addition, we provide electro-mechanical and electronic products service facilities to maintain, overhaul and repair circuit breakers, contractors and on-train monitoring and recording (OTMR) systems. At the forefront of our service facilities is a specialist DC current injection system, capable of 5,000A continuous and ramped current output, extendable to 10,000A. In addition, we have a dedicated circuit breaker tester capable of testing up to 125 Amps and measure trip times down to 1 millisecond.


Speed Sensors

Safety critical multi-channel sensors measure speed and direction, designed to operate in harsh environments and against a ferromagnetic steel target wheel. What do they do? For most applications speed sensors are designed to work against a ferromagnetic …

Non Intrusive Current Monitor - NIC

To assist trackside applications of Network Rail's preventative maintenance program, by monitoring currents in rail signalling problems. How does it work? The Nic (Non Intrusive Current Monitor) is used as part of the preventative maintenance systems on …

Residual Circuit Breaker Overload

Residual Circuit Breaker Overload Designed for harsh environments - industrial and traction - the Rowe Hankins RCBO uses industry proven Sensata circuit breakers with an integrated current sensor. Rowe Hankins Residual Circuit Breaker Overloads are used to …

Circuit Breakers

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers offer precise, specification assured, nuisance free circuit protection. What do they do? Tolerant of the shock and vibration that's so common on rolling stock, they are unaffected by high inrush currents and will only …

Earth Leakage Unit

An earth leakage unit detects current imbalance in trackside cabling. Early detection of cable degradation can prevent further cable damage and the potential hazards associated with this type of fault. What does it do? The Rowe Hankins …


Our workshop has extensive facilities, with DC testing of up to 5,000V. What can we do for you? Our workshop has extensive facilities including: a wash plant and sand blasters for cleaning, specialised test equipment that allows …

Intelligent Wheel Flange Lubrication

Our Intelligent Wheel Flange Lubrication (iWFL) system, is an on-board intelligent dispensing system, designed to improve rail safety whilst reducing wheel wear - saving time, money and lives. What is iWFL? iWFL is an on-board dispensing system, …

Design & Engineering

Industry trained engineers to give you the highest possible level of service. What Can We Do? Rowe Hankins professional engineers have worked in the rail industry for over 30 years and so have the experience to meet …


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