Speed Sensors


Safety critical multi-channel sensors measure speed and direction, designed to operate in harsh environments and against a ferromagnetic steel target wheel.

What do they do?

For most applications speed sensors are designed to work against a ferromagnetic steel target wheel by using Hall Effect technology.

Sensors can however be designed for magnetic target wheels with alternating North and South poles. The operating air gap can be up to 4mm but is determined by type of sensor and target wheel profile, which for ferromagnetic targets are typically a spur gear profile.

Speed Sensors can have single, dual or multiple output channels, of which a specific channel or channels can be isolated to be powered from a different power supply.

Our 4-channel sensor offers two independent dual channel sensors in one sensor housing. Each dual channel sensor is fully isolated from the other, allowing for power or signal connections to and from totally separate control equipment.

This provides a backup and additional redundancy protection should one of the dual-channel sensors fail.

Connecting screened cable and connectors are selected to meet your requirements, as well as relevant fire and smoke certification.

Output channel drive circuits are available as open collector, supply tracking, push-pull or 2-wire.

Features & Benefits

• Designed to meet the harsh rail environment.
• Various signal output types are available.
• Single, dual or multi-pair outputs.
• Capable of measuring from 0 to 20kHz.
• Reverse supply voltage is protected.
• Stainless steel housing in various styles protects against erosion.
• Various terminal connections or connectors.
• High reliability.
• Cost effective solution for speed measurement.