High Quality Interiors for Railway Vehicles

Omer operates in the sector of interior design and components production for railway transport, offering the market a systems engineering service that deals with every stage of the design process of interiors. Starting with the mathematics and the interfaces between the equipment on board, on the base of specification, book style and requirements of the customer, the company can carry out the design and complete furnishing of the vehicle. Production takes place at three sites in the Carini Industrial Estate (Italy) with a total surface area of 20,000 square meters,10,000 of which are covered.

At Omer the design process is supported, validated and verified by structural FEM analyses and by experimental trials, often carried out at qualified European laboratories. The results of the FEM Analyses are then verified by laboratory trials on real prototypes, which give an important contribute to finalize the design solution and to obtain the best product possible, completely in line with the requirements of the customer. The tests are designed to evaluate one or more aspects at the same time, and are conducted for the purpose of simulating the real working conditions that the part will be subjected to.

3D Modelling
At Omer, 3D modelling represents the key factor of the entire design-production system. 3D modelling is used during the development phase of the project, to verify the structures of particular items and how they interface with other systems or subsystems in the vehicle, to extract the information necessary for FEM verifications, and to significantly reduce the prototyping and management times of the packaging. 3D modelling is also used as a tool for generating all the necessary information for manufacturing the parts.

Omer is able to manufacture vehicle components using aluminium alloys, as well as composite and plastic materials. The company’s infrastructure and workforce are highly specialized in the internal production of aluminium components. Using exclusively its own resources, Omer creates complete systems for railway furnishing and components, transforming raw materials into finished products. In fact, all the phases of the transformation of the product can be carried out in the manufacturing departments of the company, and the choice to make use of outsourcing for particular items and/or activities, always to highly qualified suppliers, is made on the basis of the particular operating conditions in which the company finds itself at the time. All this allows for highly flexible production and at the same time guarantees careful checks on the processes and products.

Omer’s capacity to carry out both design and production internally makes it possible to create equipment ad hoc for each production cycle. In particular, the company has developed a knowledge of how to make dedicated moulds for cold and warm forming, temperature and depression controlled jigs for making composites, and assembly templates to be used in different departments for an ever greater precision and optimization of the production cycle.

The testing phase is key point, particularly for special processes, that is processes whose quality cannot be evaluated through final measurements on the product alone. In addition to being able to carry out tests connected with the validation of the FEM analysis and the freezing of the design phase in general, Omer is equipped to carry out a wide range of tests internally, both of model and series, for the purpose of validating and monitoring both the processes and the products made.


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