Chrysalis Rail Services

Train Refurbishment, Vehicle Enhancement, Modification & Heavy Maintenance Projects

Chrysalis Rail is a UK-based rolling stock service supplier, committed to delivering competitive and outstanding quality solutions to the rail industry.

We specialise in refurbishment, vehicle enhancement, modification and heavy maintenance projects designed to transform and enhance passenger rolling stock.
With more than 30 years’ experience delivering large scale improvement projects in UK and European markets for major organisations, our management team are experts in project delivery and programme management. Our skilled engineers and craftsmen ensure that the highest quality standards are met and our work is underpinned by accredited quality systems.

We provide complete turnkey solutions, tailor-made and bespoke to our customers’ needs. We have a personal, responsive and open approach to doing business, which is proven to improve fleet availability, minimise downtimes and increase flexibility in any project.

Chrysalis Rail can operate anywhere in the UK. Our core services include interior and exterior refresh and refurbishment, re-livery, corrosion repairs, modifications, heavy maintenance and vehicle storage and management. All of which can be delivered at our own facility in Long Marston or at your own premises. The ability to deliver your project in a location to suit your needs means greater programme visibility, reduced unit downtime and increased availability.

We believe in collaboration. We work closely with our customers to deliver exceptional quality services, safely, on time, every time.


Refurbishment & Refresh

We offer the full range of rolling stock refurbishment and refresh programmes tailored to your scope and requirements. We have the capability to deliver projects which include standard refurbishments (like for like replacements), replacement of …

Paint & Re-Livery

Chrysalis Rail is equipped to repair corrosion, prepare and paint rail vehicles in client locations or on our own site using our fully compliant PaintRoom concept. The PaintRoom can be erected on a customer site, …

Corrosion Repairs

We offer corrosion repairs on any vehicle. This includes investigation, reporting and procedure writing, material manufacture and installation. We also offer corrosion protection to inhibit and prevent future corrosion. Our work is carried out by …


We can offer several different modification services including, but not limited to: Seat reconfiguration, LED light fitment, installation of new modular equipment, upgrade of control equipment and fitment of air conditioning. Here are a couple of …

Heavy Maintenance

We are experienced in heavy maintenance and overhaul projects including, but not limited to: C6 vehicle overhaul, gangway replacement, roof vent/ panel replacement, interior repairs and cab upgrades. Here is an example of a project we …

Storage & Vehicle Management

Our depot is situated within a secure location at Long Marston where we can offer cold, tepid and warm storage packages for hundreds of vehicles. We can also discuss your vehicle disposal requirements. Additionally, we manage …


Chrysalis Rail Services
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