Paint & Re-Livery


Chrysalis Rail is equipped to repair corrosion, prepare and paint rail vehicles in client locations or on our own site using our fully compliant PaintRoom concept. The PaintRoom can be erected on a customer site, avoiding the need to move vehicles around the country. Our paint room set up ensures the highest quality job with minimal environmental impact. The PaintRoom can be multiplied (footprint restrictions apply) to process vehicles in parallel or multiples if required. Typically, we have completed corrosion, preparation and full re-livery of a two-car unit over a two-week period. This means shorter downtimes and increased unit availability for our customers.

Our team are also skilled in conducting full interior re-sprays. See below for some examples of our work:

Class 150 FGW External Re-Livery
This project included an interior refresh and external paint/ re-livery on 14 vehicles on our client’s premises. The exterior re-paint included removing the existing coating and complete corrosion repairs on the vehicle. We protected any bare metal using an inhibitor, we masked and primed the vehicle, painted it using a recognised paint system and finally applied decals.

Class 150 External Re-Livery
Chrysalis Rail delivered this project on our client’s premises at Barton Hill, Bristol. Similar to the 150 FGW project, we removed all existing coating on the exterior of the vehicle, completed corrosion repair work and primed the vehicle before painting and applying decals. This project was the first to take place in our new PaintRoom.

Class 153 C5P
This project has recently taken place at our own depot at Long Marston on 9 vehicles. This included full exterior re-livery, corrosion repairs, installation of Webasto Auxiliary Heaters, replacement of coupler connection boxes and brake controllers.