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Measurement & Maintenance of Rail-Track and Associated Infrastructure

Abtus specialises in the measurement & maintenance of rail-track and associated infrastructure. We offer a design & manufacture service to suit your specification or rail type.

Abtus’ products are helping to maintain the rail infrastructure in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Equipment sold by Abtus is calibrated at the time of despatch. Most equipment, especially measuring equipment, needs to be recalibrated annually or if it has been damaged. Abtus is able to re-calibrate all of its own equipment as well as most other mechanical equipment on the market.

If you use measurement equipment for your work, the chances are that you are required to maintain its accuracy. Periodic recalibration is a standard requirement as well as checking/repairing equipment after an ‘incident’ where damage may have occurred.

We can help you maintain your calibration records by keeping track of your equipment, sending reminders when recalibration is due and offering full certification.  

Abtus’ quality procedures are BSI certified and full traceability is maintained for all of our calibration equipment.

Abtus maintains a competitive edge through innovation. If you have a technical problem that needs solving or need some of our equipment to be customised, let us help you.

Clients who have used our design service include Network Rail and BAE

Abtus is committed to the advancement of relevant technologies through an active research and development strategy.

We utilise our extensive design resources to develop new products in relevant market sectors. The same knowledge and experience is also brought to bare on customer’s specific problems. This could be something as simple as customising an existing product or designing a solution from the ground up.

A close working relationship is vital to the success of any design project. We believe that our emphasis on setting up an effective and reliable communication interface with the customer leads to each project being completed on budget, on time and to specification.

From the intial discussion phase through to testing in certified laboratories, you can be sure that Abtus will place your needs at the top of the agenda.

We serve an international market with our clients ranging from small specialist teams to large multi-national corporations.

Abtus offers training courses for all of its products. Introductory courses on various aspects of railway surveying are also available

As well as offering full training for all of our own products, the following introductory courses are also available:

  • Track Geometry
  • Clearance Gauging
  • Over Head Line Measurement

These introductory course are suitable for new entrants as well as offering a refresher for the more experienced rail engineer. Courses can be hosted either at our training facility or at a venue of your choice.



Powered Bond Drilling Machine

PADS No: 0039/041823 Powerful 4hp four stroke engine. Drills two 3/8” or 9/32” holes in under 30 seconds. Automatic hole positioning (57mm from base) on FB and RBH rails. Rugged construction built to last. Guards fitted for safety. Runs on unleaded …

Side-Cut and Railhead Wear Gauge

PADS No: 0039/127013 Technical Data Measures side cut - 0mm-18mm Measures hear wear - 0mm-18mm Locates to worn head centre and rail web Can be operated with one hand Moving parts spring-returned after use May be locked into position Fits in pocket Fully non-conductive …

Switchwear Gauge

PADS No: 0057/048778 The Switchwear gauge checks the lateral wear of the stock rail and the wear of the rail within the planning length. Constructed from non-conductive GRP and Nylon 6 with stainless steel profile. Technical Data …

ABT5650 - RouteScan

PADS No: 057/075512 RouteScan has been developed to provide quick, accurate structure clearance measurements relative to the Permanent Way. With the RouteScan in position on the track, the operator is able to control, from a position …

ABT4650 - RouteScan

PADS No: 057/075504 RouteScan has been developed to provide quick, accurate structure clearance measurements relative to the Permanent Way. With the RouteScan in position on the track, the operator is able to control, from a position …

6’ Relative Level Gauge

Technical Data Accurate relative (transfer) - Levels from ±1mm from 1700mm to 2800mm True horizontal measurements - 6ft/10ft measurements Fully non-conductive - Allowing measurements over 3rd/4th conductor rails Relative level readings - –300mm to +175mm without the need to …

Laser Offset

PADS No. 0039/127014 The ABT 4610 allows the user to take height and distance offset readings from the running rails to a desired object or position such as a Platform or Datum Plate. Height and Offset values …

Collapsible Platform Gauge

PADS No: 0039/028327 The Abtus ABT4050 Platform Gauge has been designed to be used from the platform by a single operator-offering the possibility of platform measurement without track possession. The unique open frame allows the operator …

Alignment Trolley

PADS No: 0094/018011 The Abtus ABT4530 Horizontal Alignment Trolley has been developed to provide the maximum degree of measurement from a portable, lightweight apparatus. Track Geometry data is transmitted from the trolley via a Bluetooth® link to …

Dynamic Track Spread Gauge

PADS No: 0039/029824 Measures track spread, lateral and twist - Up to 30mm. Shows maximum spread, no calculation required. Suitable in standard form for 113lb FB and 95lb RHB. Fits any gauge - 1380-1500mm. Fully non-conductive construction using GRP and …

3rd Rail Gauge (Folding)

PADS No: URLT/010468 Technical Data Measures +ve conductor rail vertical position - 0 to 140mm (Lockable from 4ft Measures conductor rail lateral position - –40mm to 90mm from nominal Retracts to only 1.6m Fully non-conductive from GRP & Nylon 6 Factory …

4th Rail Inspectors Gauge

PADS No: 0039/028329 Technical Data Measures running rail gauge - 1400mm-1470mm Measures check rail gauge - 1365mm-1435mm Measures flangeway clearance - 35mm-80mm Measures super-elevation Measures +ve conductor rail vertical position 0mm-140mm Measures -ve conductor rail vertical position -50mm-60mm Retracts to only 1.6metres with …

Sighting Boards

PADS No: 0040/017296 The Abtus ABT4060 Sighting Board set is a popular, quick and accurate way to measure vertical alignment, particular suitable for repairing and lifting in these areas of subsidence. The three boards have heavy-duty …

Cross Level Transfer Gauge

PADS No: 0039/028313 Measures Cross-level Super-elevation Track gauge Check gauge Technical Data (PDF, 346.1 KB)

Overhead Track Equipment - Laser Height & Stagger

PADS No: 0094/007046 The ABT 4640 allows the user to take height and stagger measurements of the OHL (over head line) using a Hilti PD-E Measurement Laser. The laser is positioned at Eye-Level and features a 90º …


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