Alignment Trolley


PADS No: 0094/018011

The Abtus ABT4530 Horizontal Alignment Trolley has been developed to provide the maximum degree of measurement from a portable, lightweight apparatus.

Track Geometry data is transmitted from the trolley via a Bluetooth® link to a weather-resistant, touch screen Control Unit for interpretation, display and user interaction within the Abtus Gauge Interface software. The Control Unit uses the standard MS Windows® operating system found on most mobile devices providing a familiar environment for the user to work in. The equipment requires only a single operator and can be used without track possession (where local standards allow).

Geometry data is collected at normal walking speed and displayed in real time both numerically and graphically. Tolerance bands can be applied to each measurement parameter for quick fault identification. Data can be transferred via a Bluetooth® link to a desktop PC or laptop and is in the widely used .CSV file format which is created together with an encrypted .SEC format for auditable recording.

The trolley can be quickly dismantled for convenient carrying to and from site and is supplied with a protective storage case.