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  • Warwood Tool

    Hand Tools & Railroad Track Tools

    – We are hard people that make hard products. By hand, we forge, bend, grind, and handle US steel to make the finest industrial grade hand tools in the world. We depend on each other here; …
  • Abtus Ltd

    Measurement & Maintenance of Rail-Track and Associated Infrastructure

    Abtus specialises in the measurement & maintenance of rail-track and associated infrastructure. We offer a design & manufacture service to suit your specification or rail type. Abtus' products are helping to maintain the rail infrastructure in …
  • Torrent Trackside

    Providing High Quality Services to Railway Maintenance and Renewal Contractors in the UK

    “Welcome to Torrent Trackside, Staying on track 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our business supports both the Network Rail and London Underground infrastructure” Equipment Hire Torrent Trackside provides high quality services to the railway …
  • A-Plant Rail / Sunbelt Rentals

    A-Plant Rail Offer a Complete ‘One Stop Shop’ for Rail Equipment, Offering a Vast Range of Equipment for Hire

    From May 1st 2020, we are rebranding to Sunbelt Rentals. We’re bringing together our family of leading equipment providers under one clear brand to make it better, faster and easier for you to access our …

    Track inspection technologies

    ENSCO is an international leader in track inspection technologies. Our engineers have pioneered the use of technologies, such as advanced rail inspection sensors, high-resolution imaging technology, and autonomous inspection systems, to improve track maintenance. These …
  • SignAgent

    Wayfinding and Signage Asset Management Platform for Transit Systems

     Finding your way within complex public transit environments is an uphill battle for travellers. Rushing through a large facility, getting confused by outdated signage, and scrambling to find the right station is an unfortunate …
  • ROBEL Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH

    Railway construction and maintenance machines

    Our motivation stems from our drive to find solutions. For over a century ROBEL has turned client needs into new products. Railway construction and maintenance machines from Central Europe for safe track maintenance worldwide.
  • 3Squared

    Powerful Business Applications to Support the Operations of Today's Modern Rail Operators.

    At 3Squared, we design, develop and commission integrated software solutions for some of the UKs biggest brands within rail and construction. Our teams collaborate across disciplines to provide integrated, compelling multiplatform software solutions that deliver value …
  • OMER

    High Quality Interiors for Railway Vehicles

    Omer operates in the sector of interior design and components production for railway transport, offering the market a systems engineering service that deals with every stage of the design process of interiors. Starting with the …
  • WSP

    World-class Rail and Transit Solutions

    Drawing on over 130 years of technical excellence, WSP offers a holistic approach to the transport and infrastructure planning, design and management. We bring the latest technologies and a culture of innovation to our work …


1-2 of 2 results


1-10 of 54 results
  • Double Face Sledge - Grade B

     10 lb Double Face Sledge – head forged from grade B alloy steel mounted on a 36″ safety-grip handle
  • Ship Maul

    A ship maul, also known as a top maul or pin maul, is lighter weight and easier to handle than a spike maul and originated as a tool for striking and driving pins, wedges, and …
  • Claw Bar

    Claw bar is constructed with an i-beam design for durability. Use this pry bar to dig and remove embedded nails easily. 60″ Claw Bar (chisel end) – forged from high-carbon steel, 30 lb
  • Carpenter Adze

    Our Carpenter Adze is a modern refinement of one of the earliest tools used by humans to cut and shape wood. In fact, primitive adzes first appeared during the stone age, some 70,000 years ago! This …
  • Battery Powered Vertical Tamper

    For tamping and compacting the ballast to effectively correct track level errors. Optimum compaction of ballast under the sleeper Quiet, light weighed and clean Minimum hand-arm vibration Replaceable tamping tool Tamping tool made of wear-resistant …
  • Track Chisel Round Cutter

    Traditionally used in combination with a sledge to score and cut railroad rails in the field, the Track Chisel is designed and manufactured according to AREMA Plan #17. With a Track Chisel, a worker scores the …
  • Track Chisel - Square Cutter

    The Track-Chisel – Square Cutter is nearly identical to the Round Cutter version in overall dimensions — 5-1/2 lb. weight, 1-3/8” cutting blade, 10-1/2” overall bit length. The primary difference is simply that the cutting …
  • Spike Maul Standard Pattern - Carbon

    Standard pattern spike mauls differ from the more widely used bell pattern mauls in that they are roughly square in cross section, rather than cylindrical like a bellow pattern maul. Like bell pattern mauls, though, …
  • Track Adze

    Adapted from a standard carpenter adze sometime around the middle of the 20th century, the Track Adze (also known as a railroad adze) has a longer “bit” end intended to help protect the handle from …
  • Hytorc Battery Torque Tool

    Lightweight electric wrench giving power and control to get through the toughest bolted joints The Hytorc BTM1000 features low HAVs, low noise and zero emissions making it the ultimate solution for accuracy, portability and convenience on …
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