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  • 10 lb Spike Maul - Bell Pattern Grade B

    Designed with an elongated head to allow striking of railroad spikes on the opposite side of the rail, the Bell Pattern Spike Maul can drive a spike in three blows in the hands of a …
  • Small Plant Transport Module

    Module for transport and loading of hand-operated machinery and tools. Twist Lock connection Connectable with RORUNNER or ROTRAILER Small lifting crane for loading activities
  • Battery Powered Impact Wrench

    Compact and robust machine for tightening and loosening nuts and sleeper bolts. Angle adjustable handle for flexible wrenching Low vibration Reduced transfer of wrenching torque
  • Battery Powered Rail Band Saw

    For economical cutting of maximum strength rails. Powerful electric motor Quiet, emission-free and low-vibration operation Spark-free operation Battery technology offers on-demand operational readiness Use independent of climate and topography Easy band replacement
  • Battery powered Rail Drilling Machine

    For fast and precise drilling of rail profiles. Emission-free, quiet and clean Noticeably less noise and vibration LED display for engine utilization and power reserves Economical coolant consumption Handy coolant reservoir with pressure pump Manual …
  • RailSmart

    Powerful business applications to support the operations of today's modern rail operators. We believe in keeping it simple and smart. That’s one of the reasons why our clients love the RailSmart platform, but don’t just take our …
  • Stumec MP12 Profile Grind

    The Geismar MP12 is Specifically designed for re-profiling of railheads after thermite welding. In the upright position, the machine can grind the top surface of the rail, and in the inclined position grind the thickness …
  • RailPro®

    Comprehensive Rail Grinding Management Loram’s proprietary RailPro® system is an integrated suite of cutting-edge software tools designed specifically for comprehensive rail grinding management. The system relies upon Loram’s extensive intelligence base of specialized rail grinding knowledge, …
  • Vehicle Control Units (VCU)

    The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) plays a key role in the management and control of rail vehicles. HaslerRail offers a complete range of on-board devices for a variety of applications. Features / Benefits Long service history …
  • Collapsible Platform Gauge

    PADS No: 0039/028327 The Abtus ABT4050 Platform Gauge has been designed to be used from the platform by a single operator-offering the possibility of platform measurement without track possession. The unique open frame allows the operator …
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