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  • Beacon Rail Leasing

    Rolling Stock Leasing Company Serving the European Market

    Beacon Rail Leasing offers a range of rolling stock on operating leases of up to 15 years. The Beacon Rail fleet contains a variety of locomotives, freight wagons, and passenger trains. Beacon Rail Leasing also …
  • Eversholt Rail

    UK Passenger and Freight Rolling Stock

    Eversholt Rail owns UK passenger and freight rolling stock. We have over 25 years of experience in the rail industry. We currently lease trains to 12 train operators and 2 freight operators within the UK. Moreover, …

    Track inspection technologies

    ENSCO is an international leader in track inspection technologies. Our engineers have pioneered the use of technologies, such as advanced rail inspection sensors, high-resolution imaging technology, and autonomous inspection systems, to improve track maintenance. These …
  • Solo Rail Solutions

    Rail Carriage Interiors, Seating, Doors and Ancilliary Items

    SOLO RAIL SOLUTIONS have grown to become a single source supplier to the rail industry. Our capabilities and infrastructure consistently succeeds in meeting the objectives of our clients. Formed 20th February 1992, Solo’s management team have …
  • Chrysalis Rail Services

    Train Refurbishment, Vehicle Enhancement, Modification & Heavy Maintenance Projects

    Chrysalis Rail is a UK-based rolling stock service supplier, committed to delivering competitive and outstanding quality solutions to the rail industry. We specialise in refurbishment, vehicle enhancement, modification and heavy maintenance projects designed to transform and …
  • Loram UK Ltd

    Specialists in Engineering Work on Railway Traction and Rolling Stock

    Loram UK Ltd. offers a complete range of rolling stock engineering, maintenance and restoration services, RISAS approved bogie line, plus advanced track focused infrastructure services, rail grinding and innovative maintenance of way carried out from …
  • ICS - Initial Concept Solutions


    Since 2002 ICS has been actively involved in dedicated transport CCTV systems that can be used on-board Trains of all classes. Transport security systems have evolved substantially over the last few years. Now with the development …
  • AMiT Transportation

    We become among the most important players in the area of development and manufacture of control systems and electronics for transport, particularly for railway and rolling stock. Our assets are based primarily on own know-how …
  • CAF Signalling

    Rail Traffic Signalling Systems

    At CAF Signalling, the technological subsidiary of CAF Group, we are focused on the design, development, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of Rail Signalling Systems, thus providing integrated signalling solutions for infrastructures and rolling stock, both …
  • Aquafrisch

    Train Wash Plants, Control Emission Toilet Systems and Other Depot Equipment

    Train wash plants and control emission toilet (CET) systems, together with basic equipment for train depot facilities, have been developed by Aquafrisch to support the expansion of the railway industry. Train wash plants can be …


1-10 of 34 results
  • CAF Mk5A - Locomotive Hauled Coaching Stock

    UK intercity passenger coaches Manufacturer – CAF Build Year – 2018 to 2019 Countries of operation – GB
  • Rail Seating Solutions

    Our seating division manufactures or refurbishes existing seating using dedicated facilities, experienced staff and bespoke equipment to achieve quality results. Solo has extended it’s interior solutions offer with a complete seat overhaul and renew service. Extensive …
  • Class 66

    We own a total of 83 Class 66 locomotives that are on lease to: • GB Railfreight x 27 locomotives • Freightliner x 56 locomotives The locomotives are used for Intermodal and Heavy Haul traffic and have a …
  • ROTRAILER Level 1 - Trailer

    Versatile trailer for material transport on construction sites. Twist Locks allow the implementation of interchangeable top units Device for mounting ramps available Option with grinding device possible
  • Track Inspection Self-propelled Vehicles

    Through state-of-the-art engineering, ENSCO designs, builds, operates and delivers world class, turnkey track inspection vehicles and systems that monitor comprehensive performance indicators reflecting track quality and safety. ENSCO has delivered solutions on more than 50 …
  • Track inspection towed coaches

    Through state-of-the-art engineering, ENSCO designs, builds, operates and delivers world class, turnkey track inspection vehicles and systems that monitor comprehensive performance indicators reflecting track quality and safety. ENSCO has delivered solutions on more than 50 …
  • ROTRAILER Level 4 - Trailer

    The modular transport wagon can be used with scissors lift, cable drum, drainage cleaning unit and other equipment as required. Flexible design for versatile applications Twist Lock System allows easy module replacement Lower platform in …
  • ROTRAILER Light - Light Trailer

    A modular, flexible and safe trailer for transporting material of every requirement. Stanchion system and twist lock Stable construction Platform gates which fold down Space-saving due to piling up in hollows or on top of …
  • Subway and Underground

    WSP has experience with underground transit systems such as subways and metros, providing services for both civil works and rail systems. Subways, metros, and underground transit systems Subways, metros, and underground transit systems are used in large …
  • RORUNNER Level 3 - Track Vehicle

    Track car with versatile combination options for use on all railway systems with mixed operation, especially in urban and peri-urban environment for new construction and maintenance. Vehicle with bogies Low level of motorisation Can also …


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