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  • Abtus Ltd

    Measurement & Maintenance of Rail-Track and Associated Infrastructure

    Abtus specialises in the measurement & maintenance of rail-track and associated infrastructure. We offer a design & manufacture service to suit your specification or rail type. Abtus' products are helping to maintain the rail infrastructure in …


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  • Alignment Trolley

    PADS No: 0094/018011 The Abtus ABT4530 Horizontal Alignment Trolley has been developed to provide the maximum degree of measurement from a portable, lightweight apparatus. Track Geometry data is transmitted from the trolley via a Bluetooth® link to …
  • Collapsible Platform Gauge

    PADS No: 0039/028327 The Abtus ABT4050 Platform Gauge has been designed to be used from the platform by a single operator-offering the possibility of platform measurement without track possession. The unique open frame allows the operator …
  • Cross Level Transfer Gauge

    PADS No: 0039/028313 Measures Cross-level Super-elevation Track gauge Check gauge Technical Data (PDF, 346.1 KB)
  • Switchwear Gauge

    PADS No: 0057/048778 The Switchwear gauge checks the lateral wear of the stock rail and the wear of the rail within the planning length. Constructed from non-conductive GRP and Nylon 6 with stainless steel profile. Technical Data …
  • 6’ Relative Level Gauge

    Technical Data Accurate relative (transfer) - Levels from ±1mm from 1700mm to 2800mm True horizontal measurements - 6ft/10ft measurements Fully non-conductive - Allowing measurements over 3rd/4th conductor rails Relative level readings - –300mm to +175mm without the need to …
  • 3rd Rail Gauge (Folding)

    PADS No: URLT/010468 Technical Data Measures +ve conductor rail vertical position - 0 to 140mm (Lockable from 4ft Measures conductor rail lateral position - –40mm to 90mm from nominal Retracts to only 1.6m Fully non-conductive from GRP & Nylon 6 Factory …
  • Side-Cut and Railhead Wear Gauge

    PADS No: 0039/127013 Technical Data Measures side cut - 0mm-18mm Measures hear wear - 0mm-18mm Locates to worn head centre and rail web Can be operated with one hand Moving parts spring-returned after use May be locked into position Fits in pocket Fully non-conductive …
  • Dynamic Track Spread Gauge

    PADS No: 0039/029824 Measures track spread, lateral and twist - Up to 30mm. Shows maximum spread, no calculation required. Suitable in standard form for 113lb FB and 95lb RHB. Fits any gauge - 1380-1500mm. Fully non-conductive construction using GRP and …
  • 4th Rail Inspectors Gauge

    PADS No: 0039/028329 Technical Data Measures running rail gauge - 1400mm-1470mm Measures check rail gauge - 1365mm-1435mm Measures flangeway clearance - 35mm-80mm Measures super-elevation Measures +ve conductor rail vertical position 0mm-140mm Measures -ve conductor rail vertical position -50mm-60mm Retracts to only 1.6metres with …
  • Sighting Boards

    PADS No: 0040/017296 The Abtus ABT4060 Sighting Board set is a popular, quick and accurate way to measure vertical alignment, particular suitable for repairing and lifting in these areas of subsidence. The three boards have heavy-duty …
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