Automatic Inspection


TTInspect contains the Aarsleff Rail product line of full-automatic inspection systems for trains and rail components.

The unique systems combine advanced sensor technology with modern digital technology and automatically collect all relevant information about train and track condition. The automatic systems replace time-consuming manual visual inspections and provide a very accurate and reliable surveillance of the state of the equipment. This saves time and money without compromising quality and safety.

We deliver inspection systems for a wide range of purposes, among others:

  • wheels and brake pads
  • the whole train body, such as the sides, roof, front and rear
  • third rail shoe and pantograph
  • clearance gauge
  • catenary systems
  • turnouts
  • sleepers and rails

Automatic inspection systems can be tailored to collect data on countless objects. TTInspect and Aarsleff Rail are happy to contribute to innovation, design and implementation of inspection systems according to each customer’s specific needs.

TTInspect’s systems are self-monitoring and require a minimum of service. The applied sensor technology comprises camera based vision, distance measurement, temperature measurement, ultrasound, inductive, radar, accelerometer, strain gauge and microphones.