High Voltage Work


Work on electrical installations along the railway requires special skills. Special facilities require special skills and normal installations, like lighting, arranged near tracks is subject to special requirements for work near track. Aarsleff Rail carries out all types of high voltage projects with relation to the railway and adjacent areas. We have company authorization in accordance with the Danish regulation for electrical installations and have approval to carry out all types of electrical work at Banedanmark’s facilities.

We have good experience in establishing and upgrading the following types of installations:

  • level crossings (box cabinet, hut and BUES systems, Banedanmark 8-point programme and supplying of gates)
  • points heating systems (system 80, system 2000 and gas heated systems)
  • emergency power supply (UPS-installations and emergency generators)
  • platform installations (platform lighting, speaker systems and monitors)
  • train preheat and power supply (240 V, 400 V, 1000 V and 1500 V systems)
  • pumps for drainage
  • installations in railway related buildings
  • cooling systems
  • control panels (all kinds of electrical panels).