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Automatic Warning Systems for Track Worksites

Since 1946 the family business is a traditional manufacturer of acoustic signalling systems in the ship industry and it was able to become the world-wide market leader. In the locomotive sector ZÖLLNER is renowned for our Makrofons® – air pressure controlled acoustic signalling devices. The “membrane sound devices” prove their value with the best material and high quality craftsmanship as well as individual accessories that service different deployment possibilities.

To make the work on track work sites safer, ZÖLLNER has been developing, producing, and selling automatic warning systems for track worksites since the 90s. If a track vehicle approaches a construction area, the Autoprowa® system warns all people working on the track area with a warning signal automatically adjusted for the ambient noise level. The modules of the system can be combined and thus allow for an efficient and optimal securing for every situation.



Signal Controlled Warning System – SCWS

The innovative way to activate automatic track warning systems SCWS is an automatic warning system that is triggered by an interlocking system. This is possible because the interlocking system „knows“ the position and routes of the …

Optical Warning Device (WGL)

ZÖLLNER Optical Warning Device (WGL) With the addition of the WGL even large construction worksites can be secured with the MRWS. The visual signaling on the ZPW and the WGL stays active as long as the …

Acoustic Warning Device (Additional Horn WGH)

ZÖLLNER Signal Horn (WGH) The WGH is an electrical horn for the collective warning of persons working in the track area. The WGH is integrated to the Mobile Radio Warning System via a connection to the …

The All-Rounder: ZPW

ZÖLLNER Personal Warning Device The ZPW is a compact radio-controlled warning device for the warning of persons working in the track area. The ZPW has redundant, acoustic warning devices that output at a maximum sound pressure level …

Manually triggered warning with the (ZFS)

Lookout with ZÖLLNER Radio Transmitter (ZFS) mobile The ZÖLLNER Radio Transmitter (ZFS) can be used both as a stationary transmitter and as a mobile manually operated handswitch. The device is equipped with an automatic vigilance function …

Automatic Detection Unit (ZFS, F500-SEN, F500-AB-Box)

Detection with train detector F500-SEN in combination with ZÖLLNER junction box (F500-AB) and transmission via the ZÖLLNER Radio Transmitter (ZFS). The automatic detection of rail vehicles is done by means of the train detector F500-SEN, which …

Mobile Radio Warning System – MRWS

The MRWS warns personnel working on track worksites reliably from approaching rail vehicles. It makes use of the latest, innovative radio technology in combination with the advantages of the proven Autoprowa® system which is valued …

AUTOPROWA® - Automatic Warning System

In many countries around the world the rail network is one of the main transport routes. Only in Germany approx. 39,000 trains move daily on the German network comprising more than 33,000 kilometres (source DB …


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