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Drawing on over 130 years of technical excellence, WSP offers a holistic approach to the transport and infrastructure planning, design and management. We bring the latest technologies and a culture of innovation to our work to meet community needs for mobility, connectivity, sustainability and resiliency. In 2017, more than 18,900 employees worked in Transport and Infrastructure, that’s 45% of our workforce across the world.

Rail and transit systems play a leading role in the future of modern transportation. They offer sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions, create greater mobility with increased energy efficiency and provide long-term economic benefits.

Public transit is not simply a transportation mode, it is a community-building tool. Public transit influences investment decisions and fosters economic development and revitalization.

According to a UN report, 54% of the world’s population live in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66% by 2050. This means that cities all over the world need to reconsider their public transport services in order to meet future demand.

WSP has led the rail and transit sector since its first project: the design of the New York City subway system, in the 1880s. Our expertise is built on years of experience in public transport infrastructure in virtually all continents.

Our experts help transportation agencies plan, design and manage all forms of mass transit—heavy and light rail, streetcars and people movers, and bus rapid transit. We take pride in our ability to offer flexible solutions to suit the individual requirements and fulfill the visions of our valued clients. We deliver advanced and sustainable outcomes to make transportation smarter and more affordable for our clients and their communities.

As rail and transit systems are being built, modernized and expanded, technological advancements are being developed to make them safer, faster and more reliable. WSP is at the forefront of applying and integrating these technologies to new and existing networks. We ensure our work is done efficiently, with minimal disruption to existing services and value to our clients.


Systems Integration

Whether embarking on a new transport scheme or trying to get a program back on track, Systems Integration (SI) is needed to manage the vast amount of information, the coordination of systems and the stakeholders …

Subway and Underground

WSP has experience with underground transit systems such as subways and metros, providing services for both civil works and rail systems. Subways, metros, and underground transit systems Subways, metros, and underground transit systems are used in large …

Stations and Terminals

Stations and intermodal terminals are more than just interconnections. They are meeting places that provide retail and catering experiences. The rise of urban populations has put increasing pressure on transit systems all around the world. In …

Rail Freight Transport

WSP provides planning, design, and construction management services for any rail freight transport project. Trains made the industrial revolution possible. When goods need to be moved across long distances, few transportation modes can be as efficient …

Light Rail and Streetcars

WSP promotes light rail transit and streetcar projects as an integral part of creating the communities of tomorrow. Light rail transit (LRT) and streetcar systems have experienced a great resurgence in recent years. As cities look …


More than 125 years’ experience of delivering rail and transport schemes across the world tells us that what we do is about more than improving the movement of people and goods. High quality transport, from …

High Speed and Intercity Rail

WSP is a leader in the creation of high speed rail networks, with services ranging from planning to engineering, and environmental review to construction management. High speed and intercity rail really do link cities to the …


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