MOBATIME Swiss Time Systems – (Moser-Baer AG)

Time Distribution, Time Synchronization, Time Display and Time Reference Systems Solutions for Transport applications

MOBATIME is the leading brand of expertise for time display, time distribution, time synchronization and time reference systems. Swiss quality and innovation are the foundations of the family-owned company Moser-Baer AG, which was founded in 1938. Practically all of the products are fully developed, designed, produced and tested in Switzerland. Whether you need a standard product or a high-tech custom solution: each product combines proven quality with cutting-edge technology.

Key Figures

  • More than 85 years of experience and quality
  • More than 525 employees worldwide
  • More than 20’000 projects supported in over 120 countries
  • More than 1.35 million clocks produced

Key benefits

  • MOBATIME products are successfully deployed in worldwide projects with 100% satisfaction.
  • We’re chosen because we provide a complete solution which includes but not limited to just supply of competent time servers, slave clocks / standalone clocks and accessories but also essential services and support system after sales
  • Our products are particularly well known because our time servers come with an industry leading specification and quality and our wide range of analogue clocks and digital clocks suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment with various synchronization mode such as NTP, self-setting code, wireless, standalone, etc.
  • All our products are of excellent quality and are made in Switzerland and EU countries. We deliver what we promise.
  • Our values drive us and we are present within your location either directly or through our partners and can extend our best support online or onsite in line with the customer requirement.
  • At last, we would like to add that knowing our time systems are improving the timekeeping of the application areas: Railways, Airports, Hospitals, Banking, Telecom, Power, Industry, Institutions or Ships. We feel motivated to keep improving & investing for a better customer experience.

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WiFi clocks

WiFi clocks with a very user-friendly web interface are now available: Expand your possibilities with our new Flex and ECO series Analogue Indoor Clocks, which are synchronized over WiFi. Why is accurate time important? Accurate timing is …

Analogue indoor clock - Trend

The Trend clock provides a modern and slim design for any indoor applications

Analogue outdoor clock - Metroline

An attractive range of outdoor clocks in aluminium lightweight housing, conceived in a modular design adequate for outdoor transport applications including metros/railways. The most up-to-date technology guarantees reliable operation and maximum accuracy.

Analogue indoor clock - Flex

The name Flex stands for excellent flexibility and countless possibilities. Flex adapts to any underlying conditions, whether they relate to technical operating requirements, time codes, installation options or design, and meets requirements with precision.

Digital indoor clock – ECO-DC

The ECO-DC series are digital clocks in 7-segment LED technique at an economical price, designed in an elegant and slim case, for time, date, or alternating time/date display.

Network Master Clock - DTS 4801.masterclock

The Network Master Clock DTS 4801.masterclock is developed especially for network environments. It is able to control conventional impulse clocks, self-setting MOBALine or IRIG-B / AFNOR slave clocks and is used as an accurate NTP …

GNSS PTP Grandmaster Clock & NTP Time Server - DTS 4160.grandmaster

The DTS 4160.grandmaster is a combined time distribution and synchronization device with up to 4 network ports (IPv4/IPv6). It provides a time reference for PTP and NTP clients. With its high-precision and intelligent concept for …

NTP Time Server - DTS 4135.timeserver

The DTS 4135.timeserver sets new standards as a time reference for all NTP clients in medium and large networks (LAN Ethernet/IP/UDP). It is highly precise and with its intelligent concept for redundant operation, it offers …

Digital outdoor clock - DSC

This type of general-purpose digital clock, intended to be used outdoors, features versatile combinations of height and number of digits. The clock meets the requirements of the majority of conventional applications.

Digital indoor clock - DC

The models of the digital indoor clock DC series offer concentrated technology in a very slim aluminium housing and surprise with many functions and design variants. The customizable display and many technical possibilities enable the …


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