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Mimer SoftRadio for remote control of radios over IP

Remote Control of Radios over IP - LS Elektronik - Mimer SoftRadioLS Elektronik AB are an engineering company focusing on developing and manufacturing both hardware and software mainly used in radio systems. All hardware and software used in our systems are developed in house at our facilities just outside Stockholm, Sweden.

We have since 2004 produced the IP dispatch system Mimer SoftRadio. It has  been sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

Mimer SoftRadio is used by railroads in Sweden, on offshore oilrigs, by miners in South Africa, by airports in Europe and by ambulances in the USA.


Mimer SoftRadio Use in the Rail Industry

Rail Transport Company Case Study

Simplified drawing of the setup at Green Cargo

The shunting of trains have always required radio communication. The work is a cooperation between the train driver, the guys on the rail yard and the guys in the tower. As the years have passed more and more special functions have been built into the old analogue systems to make the work easier.

The large rail transport company Green Cargo had come to end of life of their custom built dispatch consoles and needed something new.

Their plan is also to upgrade to DMR in the near future. Therefor a new dispatch system was needed. One that could handle the old analogue with its special functions and also the new digital.


System solution

Special layout of keys for Green Cargo

Today each rail yard have 4-5 channels for different tasks. All of them shall be monitored in parallel from the tower and transmission shall be possible on one at a time or on several at the same time. In addition there are functions for signalling of train in reverse, emergency alarm and a log in function on certain channels.

Since Mimer SoftRadios GUI is so flexible, many of the special requests from the old system could be done with standard equipment. To this we also added some extra keys and scripts to get all functions to work and feel very similar to the old console.

The learning curve for the dispatchers is a matter of minutes, since they immediately recognise the functionality.

To give some extra functions they can now select between goose neck microphone or handset, and they can use the same console not only for radio calls, but also for SIP-phone calls.

The old console had a number of multiwire cables connected. The new console has just one TP-cable that goes down to the radio rack. This is possible since also all audio is digitised. It is also possible to connect more than one console to the system, both local and remote.




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