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Since 2002 ICS has been actively involved in dedicated transport CCTV systems that can be used on-board Trains of all classes.

Transport security systems have evolved substantially over the last few years. Now with the development of pure IP based NVR systems the options available have become more exciting and imaginative than ever before with integrated passenger counting and facial recognition. We are able to bring you the very latest and technically advanced On-Board Network Video Recorders (NVR) for rolling stock in the world.

Not all CCTV systems work well on-board trains they need to operate in very harsh conditions, special consideration must be given when creating and designing a system that truly offers total reliability.

Our transport CCTV systems are proven in the field and are currently in operation all over the UK and abroad. We offer leading edge technology and an innovative approach to all our customers.


  • First class technical support from professional and experienced engineers
  • Customisable service agreements that satisfy your exact requirements.
  • Customise, design and certify the system.
  • Extended guarantees
  • Research and Development


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