Rugged Mobile Technology, Including Laptops, Tablets, Software and Video Solutions

Getac Technology Corporation is a global leader in rugged mobile technology, including laptops, tablets, software and video solutions. Getac’s solutions and services are designed to enable extraordinary experiences for frontline workers in challenging environments. Today, Getac serves customers in over 100 countries spanning defence, public safety, ambulance, fire & rescue, utilities, automotive, natural resources, manufacturing, transport, and logistics.

Railroad Management

The world is becoming more urbanized and the population is growing, driving the need for more efficient and optimal railroads – to achieve this you need a railroad management system that is up to the task. Getac’s solutions for railroad applications provide solid support for professionals that keep railroads working efficiently and safely.

In every industry we support, we’re passionate about ensuring uptime across mobile workforces. In railroad management, our rugged and complete solutions enable far greater operational effectiveness and reduce downtime. Our comprehensive range of rugged devices give your mobile workforces the tools they need to perform maintenance activities and achieve ‘first time fix’ across your essential infrastructure.


  • Multiple port connectivity options including legacy ports to support future and aging railway infrastructure.
  • Mobile device solutions not only enable rail companies to respond quickly to incidents and requests, they enhance control over workforce activity with applications such as dynamic scheduling, time tracking, alerts and more to ensure your professionals keep productivity high.
  • The Getac Enabling Program delivers sector focused total solutions, enabling our customers to adopt the latest technologies to address the ever-evolving demands of the rail industry.
  • Enhanced connectivity ensures access to your data and core systems in real-time providing total visibility across your rail network.
  • Our solutions are inherently rugged, built to thrive in extreme weather conditions and withstand impacts and drops up to six feet, helping your workforce to face whatever challenges they meet.
  • Solution deployment is a large investment. To prolong the life of your product and increase your ROI, Getac offers 3 year’s Bumper-to-Bumper accidental damage cover as standard across the fully rugged product range, with the ability to extend from 3 to 5 years and beyond.


    With our world class network of partners we deliver fully integrated solutions that include peripherals, mounting kits, device charging, carry solutions, security and connectivity software, and a range of other accessories for you to create your total solution.
    Subscription models are available to spread the investment and take advantage of a strong ROI.
    Data capture, technical publications, wiring diagrams, and job card information require larger screens for enhanced viewing and input.
    Getac fully rugged computers deliver excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI), with one of the lowest average failure rates in the industry and an industry-leading three-year warranty that covers accidental damage with our Bumper-to-Bumper service as standard.
    Getac Select delivers handpicked total solutions for the rail industry, including a wide range of software solutions to support device uptime, manage your assets and streamline your deployment.
    Real-time data can be collected and transmitted to our devices through a range of communications technologies such as 5G/4G, Wi-Fi 6, RFID and Bluetooth. We constantly evaluate the latest technologies, such as LiFi to ensure operators can make real-time decisions and monitor critical events.


What is ATEX Certification
ATEX is an abbreviation from the French, ATmosphère EXplosible (or explosive atmospheres, translated into English), a term which appears in the name of the EU directive 94/9/EC (now replaced by ATEX DIRECTIVE 2014/34/EU), which relates to devices used in explosive atmospheres. ATEX certifications/standards signal a product’s level of suitability for use in hazardous environments.

What Does IECEx Certification Mean?
Similar to ATEX certification, IECEx certification is given to products that have been thoroughly tested and proven to work safely in environments with explosive atmospheres.

IECEx certification is an internationally accepted method that demonstrates compliance with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards. IEC standards and assessments are recognized internationally as a benchmark for fields of electrotechnology.

Practically all Getec devices are available as an ATEX variant.

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