Transportation Solutions

From Edinburgh to London and on to Brussels in Belgium and Perth in Australia, Flowbird systems are supporting mass transit schemes which are multi-modal, easy to use and in tune with the needs of 21st century living. Flowbird is helping bus, rail, tram and ferry operators optimise efficiency through automatic fare collection platforms, fleet management systems, hosted back offices and real time information technology. Bringing these transportation solutions together provides transit authorities and transport operators with a future-proof pathway to optimal performance, ensuring that technology always keeps pace with the needs of customers.


Easy Ticket Collection Kiosk

The small footprint, fast printing, ToDler® Kiosk RSP approved, ultrafast print, collect Ticket on Departure, ToD kiosk, Installed and working in stations across the UK, Installed and working in off-station locations (universities, airports, corporates), Small, …

Ticket Vending Machine

Top of the line Ticket Vending Machine (Astreo TVM) with complete functionality Modular & scalable Ergonomic & secure RSP approved & DDA compliant Easy maintenance High capacity change giving and recycling Bank note acceptance Astreo TVM With its modular …

Card or cash ticket machine

Compact retailing for UK rail Fully weatherproof for outdoor locations ToD ready and ITSO capable with intelligent links to established national network and smart standards Easy-to-use customer interface Fast transactions All methods of payment with change …

Platform Validator

Efficient validation of contactless smart cards and electronic tickets Multiple media ticket types and internet technologies Proven in the field in over 600 locations, with over 2,500 units on order Axio Platform Validator An attractive, robust platform …


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