AD Comms

Integrated Technology Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Operations

ADComms, a Panasonic Company, has been a systems integrations business within the rail market for 15 years, deploying major telecommunications and network projects. Key works include the UK-wide implementation of GSM-r and delivery of the Fixed Telecoms Network (FTN), using some 2,500 Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REB) for the co-located GSM-r access nodes, FTN core and signal box nodes.

We have continued to grow our expertise in radio planning, radiating cable and network solutions. With expertise covering on-train systems and rail infrastructure solutions we have a unique understanding of the requirements of working in and across these environments. With increasing demands for data transfer and digital connectivity, the need for robust communications backhaul has never been greater. Working with innovative solutions from Panasonic, ADComms is ideally positioned to support your critical infrastructure projects.

ADComms has a successful track record of delivering large and small rail projects for Network Rail and Tier 1 organisations on time and to budget. We have the necessary Network Rail accreditation (at the business level as well as the employee level), allowing ADComms to undertake trackside installation and maintenance work, and we take pride in our excellent operational and safety record.

What we offer

  • Technology Partnerships
  • Modular engineering and design
  • Integration and commissioning
  • RF testing and optimisation
  • Experience and qualified site personnel
  • Material sourcing, supply and site related logistics
  • Decommissioning and disposal
  • Service and maintenance support

ADComms is a safety focused business, with a HSQE department that drives constant improvement in this regard.


Train Presentation

ADComms provides innovative cleaning products and solutions to the rail industry. Specialists in train presentation, we understand the importance of running quality and efficient cleaning regime. We don’t just supply innovative products, we provide cost …

Energy Solutions

As a Panasonic Company, ADComms has direct access to the new and exciting technologies offered by this cutting-edge global organisation. Panasonic Energy Solutions provide a major leap forwards – from traditional power systems to a remotely …

Track To Train Communications

ADComms trackside radio deployment specialisation means it is ideally placed to solve the connectivity challenges in delivering track to train reliable high-speed connectivity up to 700Mpbs; • Fixed network infrastructure to support data backhaul • Trackside, station …

Supporting Network Infrastructure

Modern communication systems require resilient and reliable infrastructure to enable the connectivity. Our dedicated internal engineering capabilities can design and deploy fixed network infrastructure in rail, underground, and national infrastructure environments: • Deployment planning of existing technical …

Fixed Network Infrastructure

Delivering resilient systems in challenging environments to enable critical national infrastructure connectivity? Our dedicated internal engineering capabilities can design and deploy fixed network infrastructure in rail, underground, and national infrastructure environments: • Optical Network Technologies (multi-vendor support) • …

Radio Network Infrastructure

Wireless connectivity for demanding mission critical environments. Our dedicated internal engineering capabilities can design and deploy radio network infrastructure in rail, underground, and national infrastructure environments: • GSMr deployment specialist – tunnel and rail corridor • Unlicensed spectrum …

GSM-r Handheld Radio

ADComms, a Panasonic company are an approved supplier for the GSM-r Handheld radios. The Funkwerk RailfocX GSM-r handheld is an Operational Purpose Handheld (OPH) is for use on rail infrastructure and train operators. RailfocX comes …

Video Analytics

You want to understand your customers in greater depth or manage the flow of people through public spaces? Our video analytics solution is made of a number of technologies including: • Panasonic’s Facial Recognition • Panasonic’s Heat Mapping • …

Cyber Security

Data communications and telecommunications underpin all the technology we require to deliver resilient and reliable transport infrastructure. The solutions that support the journey experience include the operational systems for rail operations including GSMr, ETCS, FTNx, …

On-Train CCTV Solutions

ADComms have a suite of on-train CCTV solutions to enhance passenger security, safety and to improve the travelling experience. Our integrated CCTV and passenger counting solutions consists of the following modular capabilities: Internal Saloon cameras …

CCTV & Access Control

It’s impossible to monitor every camera at every moment. Our high-definition CCTV and access control systems employ thermal imaging and low-light cameras; video analytics, biometrics and facial recognition; lidar and perimeter detection; and smart management. …

Command & Control

The Panasonic Operational Control Platform provides an efficient and flexible way to respond to incidents on your premises or network. Automated and non-invasive, it provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and can be deployed across multiple …

Trespass Warning System

There are around 6,000 level crossings within the rail infrastructure where safety is crucial. Our trespass solutions are aimed at preventing accidents and delays and give accurate and dependable information to the public and train …

Driver Only Operations (DOO), One Person Operated (OPO), Driver Controlled Operations (DCO)

Train drivers and station operations staff are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day. ADComms’ designs, supplies, installs and maintains systems that give them the information needed to confidently make the ‘right’ …

Safety & Critical Security

ADComms operate in a number of safety critical areas providing integrated solutions for infrastructure, such as CCTV access control, trespass warning systems and advanced video analytics for facial recognition or people flow. We have extensive …


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