Wayside Energy Storage Systems


ABB now offers DC traction substations with energy storage capabilities.

This allows energy to be recovered from braking trains.  What would otherwise happen is that any energy that cannot be passed to a nearby accelerating train would be dissipated and lost through resistors. Storing this energy on the way-side is one way to recover this energy. Another way, also offered by ABB, is through an energy recuperation system. ABB’s energy storage systems are available for the  standardized traction voltages of 750 V and 1500 V and can be used in urban transport systems, suburban and mainline railways. Other voltages can also be provided.

In addition to the ability to recover braking energy, the energy storage systems also offer other important possibilities.

  • Ability to respond quickly to dynamic pricing
  • Support for low voltages in parts of the network where the existing substation cannot do this
  • Peak shaving

The energy is stored in super-capacitors, batteries or a combination of the two storage media.

ABB is able to offer a complete substation including design, the typical DC traction power supply equipment, installation, commissioning and of course the power electronics and storage medium, known as ENVILINE ™ ERS.

Other products from ABB’s ENVILINE™ family include:

  • Energy recuperation systems type ENVILINE ™ ERS
  • Ensured track receptivity ENVILINE ™ ARU

ABB’s extensive experience of traction systems, coupled with special modelling tools, also allows us to help customers choose the best location and rating for their energy storage systems.