NAOS: Integrated control posts


NAOS is our solution for Integrated Multi-Function Control Posts as required by current Signalling, Command and Control Systems for Rail Infrastructures.

Based on the PCCI Integration Platform developed by CAF Signalling, NAOS stands out for providing easy integration and coordination for various rail Command and Control systems and therefore a streamlined management of operation and maintenance of infrastructures.

The NAOS Integrated Control Centre includes:  Integration platform, Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) Systems, Power Control Systems, various SCADA systems that manage Ancillary Systems and even Detector Control Centres, and also Maintenance Assistance Systems.

We at CAF Signalling have developed all these systems on the basis of open technologies and standards that are oriented towards integration of our own remote controls as well as towards integration of pre-existing remote controls having some degree of openness and information exchange capabilities.

The NAOS Integrated Control Centre makes rail operations friendlier and is able to integrate in a single Operation Post the various operational duties with proper safety, reliability, quality and availability levels.

Given the reliability of CAF Signalling and our commitment to remain focused on this sector, there is assurance of continuance in support and maintenance services and also regarding future enhancements of the NAOS Integrated Control Post.